Will respond with full force if Imran enters Islamabad: Rana


Blames inflation for PML-N’s defeat in by-polls

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Monday warned PTI chief Imran Khan that the government will respond with “full force” if he announces a long march and enters the federal capital.

Speaking during a press conference here, the interior minister said that Khan has started the culture of bringing huge crowds out on the streets, but the government knows how to end it. “We also know how to take a similar path,” he said.

Sanaullah said that Khan’s behaviour is not in the favour of the nation as he wants to “spread anarchy in Pakistan”.

Speaking about the October 16 by-elections the PML-N leader said that while the Election Commission of Pakistan has “responsibly carried out its job in the by-polls”, Khan was busy “spreading propaganda against the chief election commissioner.”

“If Khan fails to respect our voters then he will not earn any respect from our side either,” the interior minister said, adding that the Pakistan

Rana Sanaullah blamed rising inflation for his party’s defeat at the hands of PTI in Sunday’s by-elections, saying the Imran Khan-led party secured additional 15,000 votes in every constituency owing to people’s rage against high utility bills. Explaining the reasons for the party’s defeat, the minister said people had “high hopes” from the PML-N after it took the charge in April this year as they expected the party to curtail inflation. “However, we could not fulfill those expectation,” Sanaullah admitted.

He also reminded the PTI that the PML-N had been winning majority of the by-elections during PTI rule, saying “inflation was the key reason at that time as well”.

He said the government would have overcome the crisis if it was not for floods. The minister maintained that the government would provide relief to people in the coming two to three months.

Addressing the PTI chief, Sanaullah reiterated that the government cannot be forced to go to polls through use of intimidation.

“If you want elections, then join the parliament. The way to elections is only through the parliament,” he added.

He also warned Imran of a “befitting reply” from the government if his party attempted to march on Islamabad.

He called out the PTI for “introducing the culture of mob”, saying if the nation believed “this culture can continue then we are also a part of the country and we will pursue it as well.”

Sanaullah said PTI must brace for the consequences of the tactics it was employing, warning the that plan of the Imran-led party will eventually came back to haunt it.


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