Wife gets angry with doctor husband for getting coronavirus vaccine before her

New Delhi

A woman in India’s capital, New Delhi, got angry with her husband after he received a vaccine for coronavirus before she could get it.

In a live video filmed by the husband, which went viral on social media, he could be seen talking on the phone with his wife. The man could be seen explaining that he got vaccinated, adding that she too would get inoculated soon (on Monday). She, however, could be heard berating him over the call.

According to NDTV, Dr K K Aggarwal, a cardiologist, was talking to his wife Padma Shri. Upon telling his wife that he has received the shot, she could be repeatedly heard asking: “Why couldn’t you take me with you?”
In the video, Dr Aggarwal could be heard telling his wife:
“Main pata karne gaya tha aap logon ka, vo keh rahe the khaali hai, lagwa lo, toh maine lagwa li (I just went to inquire about the vaccine. They told me to get the jab, so I agreed),” he was seen telling his wife over the phone in a video while sitting in his car.
“Don’t lie to me,” his wife could be heard shouting. “Main live hun abhi (I’m live on camera right now),” the doctor could be heard saying in a bid to calm his wife down and end the conversation.

In response, she could be heard saying: “Main abhi live aa ke tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hun” – which roughly translates to “I’ll go live right now and show you what I can do,” according to the outlet.

The video went viral on social media and unleashed a series of tweets in which people mocked the incident, with some of them vowing not to get vaccinated before their wives to save themselves from their “wraths.”

Responding to the video going viral, Dr KK Aggarwal said: “I am aware of a video of myself that is doing the rounds and I am glad I provided people with a moment of levity in these tough times,” wrote Dr Aggarwal, per NDTV.—AP

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