Melania Trump, Ivanka’s relationship ‘in ruins’


Former first lady of the United States, Melania Trump and her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump were never on the best of terms and that was public knowledge. However, as Trump’s presidency comes to an end, the bond between the two is “in ruins”.
This was stated by a New Zealand publication, which cited CNN as its source, adding that after Trump’s presidency ended, there has been some “finger-pointing” between the two.

A source close to Ivanka Trump told CNN that tensions have risen so much that Melania and Ivanka don’t even want to be in the same room now.
Earlier, a book by Melania’s former aide, Stephanie Wolkoff had detailed how the former first lady harboured a disliking for Ivanka and distastefully called her “Princess” behind her back.

Wolkoff had claimed that the relationship between the two was both strained and competitive, with the two personalities’ aides working overtime to keep them apart.
After Trump’s loss in the US election recently, a body language expert and psychologist had suggested that their relationship dynamic has changed as well.

Bruce Durham, a body language expert and psychologist, had suggested that Melania Trump became more assertive after Trump lost the presidency to Joe Biden in the US election 2020 held earlier this month.

Speaking to, Durham had claimed that the relationship dynamic of the former president and the first lady has flipped as the latter has been reportedly eyeing a divorce from her husband on the heels of his defeat.

He had referred to earlier photographs that were taken prior to elections to put forward his point that the US President “is always leading, his hand is always in the ‘power’ position, and he has sometimes actually moved Melania out of the way to ‘set the scene’ for him to be centre stage”.—AP

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