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Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has said that development of Sindh and peace in the province were among the top priorities of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Talking to the media at the residence of Grand Democratic Alliance’s General Secretary Ayaz Latif Palijo here on Saturday, the Governor said that people who had ruled Sindh did not deliver, agriculture and economy of the province had been destroyed.
The Governor acknowledged plundering of the province’s resources and funds while reiterating that he would not let anyone trample rights of the people..
“The people of Sindh would have to raise their voice for education, health and accountability,” he said adding that, for justice and development in Sindh, the federal government would implement the demands of GDA.
Commenting on the rape, kidnapping and murders of women, he said the provincial government and the police should play their part to bring the culprits to the book.
He assured Palijo that he would take up the case of acute water shortage in Badin, Sujawal, Thatta, Dadu and Tharparkar districts with the provincial government.
“The corrupt elements have caused economic destruction of the farmers,” he observed. The Governor said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, GDA and all patriotic political parties should work together to bring about improvements in Sindh and rest of the country.
He noted that Pakistan had given many sacrifices in the fight against the menace of terrorism. Ayaz Latif Palijo said successive provincial governments have failed to address various problems in Sindh and blamed the incumbent government of Pakistan Peoples Party for completely failing on that account.
The GDA’s leader said the people of Sindh wanted repatriation of Afghanis, Burmese and Bengalis.
He deplored that due to corruption and ineptitude of the provincial government the people of Karachi, Hyderabad and rest of Sindh were facing shortage of water.
“If all the corrupt elements in Sindh are not arrested, the process of accountability will become suspicious,” he said, adding that corruption and terrorism had made people of Pakistan feel insecure. Earlier, Palijo hosted luncheon for the Governor during which the two sides discussed the issues of Sindh.—APP