Why Delhi is burning?


Malik M Aslam Awan
THE streets of Delhi, which were once the witness of Muslims’ centuries old glorious rule and the Muslim rulers were so magnificent, magnanimous that they awarded unannounced “Magna Carta” to the minorities, history never witnessed a single example of maculation of humanity or exhibition of even a single manifestation of singular or plural assassination, massacre ever accrued to the minority. Islam is a volatile, vibrant and all embracing, merciful, magnificent religion having pluralistic approach and demeanour to let live all minorities and co-habitats to exercise their religious rituals freely, without even a slightest shadow of fear. Machiavellian deportment or machination, manipulation is abhorred in Islam and Muslims shun this practice. Delhi is bleeding for the last three consecutive days and the Muslim community which is a specific target of RSS-the incarnation and continuation of Modi mindset- is fearlessly cutting their throats and the world in general and the UNO particularly is silent spectator of the horrendous situation.
In the recent elections of State Assembly the Am Admi Party of Kajrewal won 62 seats out of total 70 of State Assembly and five Muslims won the seats, which pierced into Modi’s heart. The sweeping success of Aam Admi Party of Kajrewal made the Modi heart burning in revenge. Modi is so dishearted with the sweeping victory of Kajrewal and five Muslim members that he himself became a revengeful whirlwind to burst out on Muslims of India generally and the Muslims of Delhi particularly. Police department is exclusively under administrative control of Federal Home Minister and Chief Minister had no authoritative grip on the department. On the advice of Modi and Home Minister the Muslims of Delhi have been targetted specifically to unsheathe the pent up revengeful venom. Modi is incorrigible and never to be reminiscent composition. He resiles from unleashing pent up wrath and after a short span of time, he again comes out of ambush to resort to his inborn brutalism. Being under the administrative control of Federal Home Minister, the police remained a silent spectator over the barbarities of RSS hooligans, who were managed to gather in Dehli from all over the India, to teach a lesson to Muslims. Vicinities of south east Delhi, Manipur, Jaffar Abad, Bhajan Pura, Rasool Nagar, Chand Bagh, Burjpuri, Gocolopiri and tyre market were targeted by renegades.
Two-nation theory of Quiad-i-Azam, propounded as the last and only solution to partition of India into two states, Hindu and Muslim, is still getting crystal clear vibration that Hindus and Muslims are two different nations and due to being the followers of two divergent religions cannot co-exist peacefully, the then leaders of Jammat-e-Islami Jamiat-ul-Ulmai Islam Hind, Khaksar Tehrek and others having pro Ghandhi ideas have been proved as perversion in their thoughts. The visionary two-nation theory of Jinnah is getting incarnation of being axiomatic. The Indian states of Hariana, Dehli, Uttar Perdesh, Karnatak as well as Kashmir are resounding and reverberating with the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and it all is due to the denigrated Indian face. Delhi hosts 25 million populace out of which 81 per cent Hindus, 13 percent Muslims and 3.5 percent are Sikhs. Delhi situated at the bank of River Jamna, was burning for three days and the Muslims who ruled over India for centuries are wandering here and there but find no place to be a safe abode for their entity.
Delhi is an ancient city having different shades of culture amalgamating manifold communities to form a unity, especially in terms of races but the RSS and Hindu mindset had dilapidated the versatile beauty of Delhi and now it is burning and bleeding and the blood of Muslims had become cheaper even than animals. In reality Modi mindset is antagonistic to the reality that Muslims are integral part of India and they are to live here despite all antagonism of the Modi mindset. Muslims are the inheritors of Mughal mindset, to assimilate and harbour other religions in their territorial vicinities because Islam is a universal religion and too lenient towards even enemies of the worst kind. The Muslims practise the universal principles of Islam to protect all minorities living within the Muslim ambit of habitat rule. The Muslims are being lynched mercilessly and horrified by the brutal scenes of butcheries at crossroads and streets, their homes and mosques are set ablaze, causing panic and sense of insecurity amongst them. Two million Assami Muslims are ‘also’ groaning under the nightmare of being declared as aliens in their own homeland. Hindus don’t consider Muslims as original residents of India, as their ancestors have conquered and ruled India for almost 1000 years and now they are being victimized of the glaring fact-being the rulers. Two-nation theory is further ramifying and blossoming as a universal reality and the Jinnah’s realization of the fact that the Hindus and Muslims diverge in every walk of life is further corroborated by the Modi’s mindset. We are living in an independent homeland and pray to God Almighty and have a sigh of relief, thanks to the two-nation theory of the visionary Jinnah, the great leader of the world.
—The writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore.

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