Who is Abdul Rehman Khetran, Balochistan’s minister accused in triple murder case


QUETTA – At least three dead bodies were recovered in the country’s southwestern region including a woman from a well in Barkhan district on Monday.

The corpses were found in a well located in Haji Kot village of Balochistan where area residents informed the officials about the gut-wrenching incident, prompting a strong reaction from the police team and causing outrage on social media.

As the incident garnered attention and victims started sharing clips on social media, the incident along with the accused provincial minister, Balochistan Awami Party leader, appeared in the trending section.

The victims including a mother and her children were held hostage in a private jail of ministers. Balochistan law enforcers told media that the corpses of Mohammad Marri’s wife and two sons were recovered, and the bodies of three victims were sent to Quetta from Kohlu.

Residents hit the streets in protest against the powerful minister Abdul Rahman Khetran for the alleged killing.


It was learnt that Khan Mohammed worked as a bodyguard of the minister, and later stopped working for him over some differences. He managed to escape from the region but his family was detained and held hostage.

Meanwhile, the accused turned down the allegations, offering to join the probe regarding the killing of three persons. Khetran called it an attempt of his political rivals to spoil his political repute.


Amid the outrage, Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan took to Twitter and slammed provincial authorities, for failing to save innocent lives.

Reports claimed that MPA Sardar Khetran, a close ally of Chief MinisrterQudus Bezinjo,  remained a history sheeter, accused for kidnapping and killing his enemies. The minister was previously booked in cases under severe charges including murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and land grab, but he remained at large due to his connections.

Around a decade back, security forces recovered at least half a dozen people including two women, and minors from his private jail, where he assaulted victims and molested women.