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West’s false alarm against China

SEEING is no longer believing. It seems to be true in the 21st Century politics, where interests drive and devise prevailing truth.

The deceitful nature of global politics is not new; however, it is now shaped into a powerful weapon after coupling up with massive technology infrastructure.

In the current geo-political order disinformation campaign and stemming narratives can prove to be decisive regarding fate of a state. If systematically operated they are enough to devour an entire country. Iraq is one such example.

While people of Iraq were aloof from any political development, far away in a room Colin Powell and his entourage was busy fabricating lies. Ignorance of a few led to massive number of causalities.

The narrative of Iraq holding weapons of mass destruction was systematically proliferated by the United States and United Kingdom which led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It proved that truth has now become subject to strategic and political interests.

Similarly, from Obama Administration to currently ruling Biden Administration, Washington has been vocal regarding China threat. Recent collective statement by NATO clearly declared that China is a systematic threat to global order.

It unequivocally ravels that the West sees China as a common threat and also proves that western powers will fully employ institutions in their passive aggression towards China.

Hence began western propaganda regarding Muslims in Xinjiang as a perfect shot to bring Beijing into the crosshairs. Booting mass campaign through media outlets to fulfil the desired outcomes.

It’s not that there is nothing happening in China’s Xinjiang province, however it is purely on the basis to curb what China categorizes as terrorism, extremism and radicalization which it has right to do it. In order to take a diplomatic jibe at China United States’ Congress passed a “Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act”.

It’s peculiar to understand here that the media which was reporting and was concerned over far right in western politics and has prompted many incidents against Muslims and people of other communities, started neglecting it rather engaged its resources onto staging massive anti-China campaign.

Here it is important to understand that Muslims are not only living in Xinjiang rather spread across China and do not face any discrimination. There are over 56 officially recognized ethnicities in China.

The reason why Xinjiang is point of concern is that it has some radicalized and extremist factors due to its strategic location adjacent to Afghanistan.

Beijing has repeatedly been denouncing any such claim by the West regarding state oppression upon the Muslims living in Xinjiang. Every step which is taken is in full compliance with laws.

The vocational camps have been set up in order to eradicate the menace of extremism and de-radicalize them.

The West’s campaign against China is mainly led by Washington and it is sheerly based on diplomatic offensive to serve the strategic interests. The United States itself has been involved in gross human right violations.

Abu-Gharib, Iraq, Gitmo, Syria, Libya and counting goes on, all are ridden with the blood prints of the United States. However, the world chooses to turn blind eye when it comes to Washington and waits for the next killing spree US sanctions with its full guardianship.

The West has institutionalized its propaganda campaign against China through media outlets. It’s strange when FOX News, all of a sudden, starts caring about Muslims when it comes to China but its anchors openly preach Islamophobia and racism. The claim that China is onto erasing Uighurs culture is also baseless.

Diversity becomes a Jewel in the crown when the West has it and if Beijing employs human resource mobilization in it’s under developed region of Xinjiang it becomes cultural genocide.

In fact, tourists still visit Xinjiang due to its cultural diversity and heritage. Moreover, journalists, diplomats and people have visited and had been briefed regarding Xinjiang.

Why it is an internal matter? The radicalized people have engaged themselves into violent engagement with the China including attacks on mainland China and its people including 2014 Urumqi attack. China has every right to take necessary measure in order to eliminate it.

Moreover, China has categorically denied allegations raised against it and repeatedly dissected the western propaganda, however blinded by institutional interests western media tends to ignore what Beijing has to say and downplays it by labelling it as Chinese propaganda.

This is a dawn of a new era; a new shift is taking place which is despised by the West which is quite evident. Employing every possible mean to diplomatically humiliate China has become prime goal.

USA’s strategic palpitation is a clear evidence of the fact that institutions will be used as tools to pursue strategic objectives to very extent. But will it stop China from going global? The answer is “Absolutely Not”.

—The writer is the Founder & Executive Director of Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution.

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