Webinar sees media can complement efficient policing


Media and police can work together for better policing and objective fact based reporting to present true picture to the stakeholders of the community, believed the participants in a webinar series, ‘Police, Media Sath Sath’ arranged by Communication Research Strategies (CRS). The second session in Karachi saw representation from renowned media houses and all journalists from print, electronic and digital mediums committed to take forward the agenda of ‘Police Awam Sath Sath’ the broader initiative advocating for police reforms. Highlighting the role of media, there was a consensus on the fact that media while maintaining its role of watch dog must also work towards redefining the relationship of police and the community. Reporters from other parts of the Sindh province also contributed to put forward their ideas in the discussion. Zafarullah a renowned civic education trainer, moderated the session which contained participants from civil society and the academia, in addition to media representatives. Both have decades of experience related to democratic institution building in Pakistan. The campaign PMSS so far has successfully built multiple alliances between media and PASS across the country to work together to engage stakeholders for police reforms in respective provinces. Aniq Zafar, CEO of CRS launched a story competition to compliment the campaign and encouraged journalists to generate interest in and take forward the police reforms as an important agenda for the political stakeholders.


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