Webinar on Brand in Pakistan



National Incubation Center(NIC) is holding an online webinar on June 24 entitled “Building a successful online Brand in Pakistan”. The main aim of the webinar was to know how to build different ways of earning and building customer loyalty online. An organizer of the event on Monday said that the webinar will feature many aspects of online business to creating a brand identity that stands for something and is backed by great customer service. He said that the webinar will cover areas including 1) to change consumer behavior and the rise of online businesses; to create a branding strategy and following it consistently across different platforms; and 3) how to differentiate your brand from the competition. He said that webinar will also tell that how to integrate various digital tools to deliver a seamless customer experience and opportunities and challenges for online brands during the current pandemic. He said that they have invited Umar Qamar , Co-founder Export Leftovers (elo) to share his insights about the topic in their upcoming webinar.—APP