‘We have no favourites in Afghanistan,’ says DG ISPR


Pakistan made efforts for the peace process with sincerity and now it is up to the people of Afghanistan to decide the way forward on their own as the prevailing situation is their internal matter, said DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar.

The military spokesperson clearly said that Pakistan does not support anyone in Afghanistan. ‘We have no favourites in Afghanistan,’ he emphasised.

Reports from the neighboring country suggest that the Taliban have made significant progress as compared to the Afghan army, he said, adding that the US had spent a lot of money to train troops there but the effectiveness of that investment is yet to be seen.

Saying all regional stakeholders desired a responsible withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the DG ISPR said, adding that now Afghan parties will have to sit for peaceful resolution of the issues as violence is not a solution.

He said that Pakistan is held responsible in the matter despite the fact it made sincere efforts for the peace process.

There are fears of an influx of Afghan refugees, he said, adding that Pakistan has completed fencing on the border with Afghanistan by 90 per cent.

Maj Gen Babar said that no one will be allowed to use Pakistan’s land against anyone, adding that no bases will be given to the US. He also lamented the hasty withdrawal of American troops.

“India would not have bothered if it had made an investment in Afghanistan with good intentions,” he said, adding that Delhi’s investment appeared to be sinking in Afghanistan.

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