Waterborne diseases break out in Sindh


Sindh’s displaced communities, who are already stuck in stagnant rainwater, face another challenge of the breakout of diseases and skin infections. This is because of unhygienic conditions and contaminated water.

Health experts warn of outbreaks of diseases including malaria, dengue, typhoid, diarrhoea and skin infections among children, women and elderly persons.

The helpless, displaced and depressed people complain of the lack of immediate health relief and medical camps near them.

“Every second person is sick,” said Khan Muhammad Khaskheli, a resident of Nehal Khan Khorkhani of Khairpur district. “I see people helpless and mentally disturbed,” he added. “There is no medical facility for the poor and some of them, who can afford it, are shifting their loved ones to the cities,” he narrated.

Khaskheli said that one of his relatives was in dire need of medical support but had to tolerate excruciating pain the whole night. “He was shifted to the hospital the next day,” he added.

“I do not see people receiving medical relief,” Rabail Siyal, a resident of village Pathan of Larkano district, complained. “It is just a farce by the government. They cannot provide relief to the people and unfortunately can’t accept it either,” he said.


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