Water level in Hub Dam rises after rains


The ongoing spell of rains in Karachi and adjoining areas has increased the water level in Hub Dam to 332 feet, citing an official.

The spillway of the reservoir will be opened after the water level in the reservoir reaches to 339 feet, a water official JabbarZehri said. inflow of one feet more water in the dam.

The Hub Dam, which supplies drinking water to Karachi and meets the water needs of several areas in Balochistan, was also filled to its maximum capacity after torrential rains in last year.

The increasing water level in the dam will improve the water supply in Karachi’s District West, which receives water supply from Hub reservoir.

Karachi gets 100-million gallon water daily from the Dam.The catchment area of Hub River is spread over hundreds of kilometers in Balochistan and Sindh.

The Hub Dam, located 56 km from Karachi with a total capacity of 339 feet, is extended to 24,300 acres with a gross storage capacity of 8,57,000 acre-feet water.It is Pakistan’s third-largest dam and an important source of water supply to Karachi.


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