Cabinet moves to discourage unnecessary arrests: Wahab



Spokesperson for Sindh Government and Adviser on Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister MurtazaWahab has said that Sindh Government has taken an important decision in the legislation under which arrests will no longer be made in every case.

He said that the Sindh government had decided to make amendments in the police rules which had been approved in the Sindh Cabinet meeting after drafting the amendments in the police rules.

He also said that this was a legal step in the criminal justice system of Pakistan. Under which the accused was arrested as soon as the FIR was registered but now no arrest would be made till the guilt had been proved.

He further said that after the FIR many innocent people were arrested and such arrests increase the burden on the jails and judiciary, now the Sindh government has decided to amend the law realizing this matter and Police officials and legal experts were consulted.

He added that the purpose of this amendment was to register the name in the FIR and it was not necessary to arrest the nominee.

For the arrest of the accused, the investigating police officer must make an arrest based on the evidence and is there any evidence on the basis of which the accused can be arrested as in some cases the investigating officer will be able to arrest the accused after the approval of his superior officer and the decision to arrest the accused will be taken after the investigation of the case.

“The powers of the police regarding arrests have been amended so that the amendment to Police Rule 26 will discourage unnecessary arrests and prevent unnecessary arrests will also reduce the number of under-trial prisoners in jails and this is a very positive amendment and an important milestone which will provide real justice to the people and is a revolutionary step to reduce the undue burden on the interests of citizens, prisons and judiciary and to cooperate in this legal amendment.

I am thankful to the concerned authorities including police, home department and Sindh law department” he concluded.


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