Want friendship with everyone: Imran

Imran Khan terror case

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday, addressing his party’s public gathering at Karachi’s Bagh-e-Jinnah, said, “My Pakistanis I want friendship with everyone but slavery with no one.”

The PTI chairman asked the people to listen to him carefully so they could determine whether the his ouster from power was a “interference or conspiracy”. He also asked the people to raise their hands and show whether they believed his removal was an “interference or a conspiracy”.

“A major international conspiracy was carried out against this country,” said Imran. He added that he was not against any country and stood with humanity. The former prime minister also shared that in the US there is a “strong and powerful” Pakistani community. He added that before coming to Karachi people were telling him that his life is at “threat” as “mafias” are after him.

Explaining the alleged conspiracy against him, Imran Khan told the people that he got to know three to four months ago that US officials had started meeting the Opposition.


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