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Budget allocation for HEC

It is undoubtedly true that Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been exerting to impart quality education to the youth of Pakistan. Education is not merely the knowledge or information, but it is a hope to explore innovations to bring about a developmental change in economy of the country, social life, health and environmental goodness. Therefore, it would be of enormous significance to expand the grant to HEC for its proper strategic and sound working for the amelioration of deteriorating quality of education.

Recently, there was news circulating on social, electronic and print media that the grant for HEC is to be cut off to half for Fiscal Year 2022-23. However, PMSS has assured the Vice-Chancellors Committee (VCC) that Government of Pakistan will not cut the higher education sector’s budget for the fiscal year 2022-23. This is good news, but yet Government must enlarge the budget than that of FY-2021-22.

Ironically, public universities of Pakistan have often been short of funds for one reason or the other. The infrastructure of most of the public universities is in a dismal condition. The facilities (potable water, electricity, cleanliness, libraries, internet connection and so on) too lack in the universities. So, at a time when even basic facilities are not available in the universities, the cutting of budget allocation would be a sheer injustice not only with HEC but also with public sector universities – already suffering depressive conditions.

According to Academia.edu, unlike Pakistan, India had increased its higher education budget five-fold by allocating 1000 billion rupees for 2012-2013, which is 40 times more than that of Pakistan’s contribution on the same front. This is an old statistic, but yet it teaches us the intentions of India. India each year burgeons her higher education budget, why? Because they know the value and essence of higher education. Pakistan must learn the lesson from her arch-rival.



Inflation storms


The strategy of Imran Khan to storm the capital was thwarted by PM Shehbaz Sharif. The general public was happy with PMSS. However, the recent enormous increase in the prices of petroleum products and electricity tariff has made the public somewhat angry. One must admit that economic/financial crises have not been created by the current coalition government, it were the outcome of the wrong policies of the IK junta, which the incumbent government is trying its best to right the wrong policies of the past.

The recent increase was inescapable, without which the ship of the country could not steer out of the mess created by the hybrid regime of IK. Therefore, this scribe requests the populace not to follow Imran Khan who is a man without a plane; he just craves to create war-like situation in the country, therefore, the community has to be conscious that Parliament is struggling to make Pakistan a mature country and what steps today’s premier takes are more constructive for the public in the forthcoming days and the citizens must cooperate with the coalition rather than participating in Imran Khan’s long marches which are full of political chaos and violence that lead towards extra-constitutional activities.


Malir, Karachi


Helpless transgenders


Approximately more than 10 thousand members of the transgender community are living in Pakistan, but alas they are deprived of most fundamental necessities in life; they neither can retain a satisfactory career nor can they live peacefully in our societies. This is heart-wrenching to jot down that they even cannot vote for a leader like other citizens. The reason is just that they are special people.

The eunuchs are not pleased to live. They are living the life of slaves or pet animals. Unfortunately, many people make jokes about them and call them bad words. This is high time now we must know that eunuchs are also human beings. If they are involved in bad activities, it is because they have nothing to earn their livelihood, thus they have to embark upon such activities.

We should respect all the creatures of God and Trans-people are also the creation of the Almighty. In the end, I want to request the government of Pakistan to give them basic rights by providing them with suitable jobs.


Malir, Karachi


Who takes the trophy?


Matches between India vs Pakistan have always been the most watched matches among the world even, most sensational and consecutive too. These both are top class teams either. However, in the last world cup Pakistan defeated India by ten wickets and had a brilliant performance in the series so far. On the other hand, India had a disappointing game and its dream vanished initially. Hence, it is not possible to judge a team by some matches and not expect the same for upcoming series.

While, comparing these rivals (Pakistan/India) then the “men in green” look heavier this time. As, they have a strong playing eleven, from openers Rizwan and Babar Azam are top class batters. Additionally, the middle order and pacers also performed outstandingly. Even though, Indian players were not inspirational during the Indian premier league (IPl). As the star players Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma averaged under-thirty and could not score runs. Meanwhile, middle order players are also showing weakness. So, fans of both teams are quite curious to have another breathtaking match this year.



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