Names of prize winning farmers finalized


According to the spokesperson of Agriculture Department, Punjab under the National Projects to increase the production of wheat and oil seeds farmers are invited to create a healthy competition during financial year 2021-22 at the district and provincial level.

A production competition was organized for which applications were sought from the aspiring farmers by the Department. A list of winning participating was sent for approval. In this regard, on Wednesday a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary Agriculture (Task Force) Punjab Rana Ali Arshad to give final approval to wheat and canola production competition at provincial level.

The committee gave final approval to the names of the winners of the Wheat Production Competition 2021-22 under the ongoing National Project for Wheat. Spokesman of Agriculture Department further disclosed that Mr. Arsalan Umar Khan S/O Bilal Umar Khan of Rahim Yar Khan district was first with 81.21 mond per acre yield while Muhammad Aslam S/O Muhammad Sharif of Rahim Yar Khan district was awarded second prize with 78.79 mond per acre yield and belonged to Khushab district.

Mr. Abdul Rehman S/O Ghous Mohammad achieved the third position with a yield of 70.93 mond per acre. While under Canola production competition Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad S/O Haji Wali awarded position at provincial level.

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