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Religious tolerance

Religious tolerance is a necessity for individuals within a society to get along, especially when a variety of cultures and people with different religious beliefs live in one community or nation. Religious tolerance also teaches individuals to be more loving and trusting while enacting the trait of love your neighbour and your enemy. Establishing tolerance, harmony, fostering mutual love and affection has become vital.
To establish tolerance, one way is the removal of religious prejudice. The world could have been a better place if religious leaders had promoted more tolerance than hatred. Religion can be a weapon if used negatively but on the other hand, when used wisely, can be the best way to promote love and harmony in the society. Thus, slogans like “Love for all, hatred for none” are needed for the promotion of peace and tolerance in today’s society.
Pakistan Prime Minister led a groundbreaking ceremony for a new border crossing with arch rival India, Kartarpur corridor is a road to peace between India and Pakistan. The Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur is one of the holiest places in Sikhism. Governments have the power to change views of individuals by taking steps that can help promote peace and harmony. No government can deny the importance of tolerance in society, as tolerance is what breaks barriers of discrimination.

Complex of fairness

In Pakistan, a disease called dark skin, where fairness become more important for teenager to survive in a society. Dark skin complexion is not acceptable in a society where 80 percent dark skinned girls are rejected for marriages in our society because every mother in law want fair daughter in law for her son. Our media are only promoting the fairness cosmetics, soaps, creams and even in morning shows on TV promoting remedies how to get fair in just 3 days. In offices they only employ fair girls to give good impression of their business than dark complexion girls.
It has now become trend in our society to reject dark skinned that is why teenagers are need fair complexion just for the sake to survive in our society. Teenagers are playing with our skins with chemical creams and cosmetics. My request to the public to stop being rejected the dark skinned people, and also media stop promoting only the concept of fairness, which directly affects the audience’s mind and they become complex of their own skin tone.

Death penalty for Musharraf

Pakistan’s former ruler Pervez Musharraf was on Tuesday sentenced to death in the high treason case by a special court in Islamabad and becoming the first military ruler to receive the capital punishment in the country’s history. Pervez Musharraf has been found guilty of Article-6 for violation of the Constitution of Pakistan. He was charged with high treason for declaring state of emergency and placing several senior judges under house arrest in 2007.
This verdict against General Musharaf by the special court is positive indication of functioning of free and independent judiciary system in Pakistan, which is laudable, historic and will bring more credibility to the judicial system in Pakistan.
Now, we have to wait and see how this judgement is executed and how far Musharraf can drag on in delaying the execution, definitely he will appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court. If that fails, he could plead for a pardon from the President of Pakistan. In addition, he may be able to avoid the sentence by staying in the UAE which has no extradition treaty with Pakistan.
Muscat, Oman

Digital Pakistan

It is a competitive world. The aim of every country is to strive and make life easier for its citizens. Pakistan is rapidly becoming a digital country. E-commerce has become the modern day method to do business. Therefore, there is need for every country to become digitalized. As it is, Pakistan is competing against that have already grown in technology. It is no longer a secret that a non-digital country means less development countries. The Pakistani government has totally geared towards making every aspect of the economy digital. In this regard, a few days ago, PM Imran Khan launched ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative. Additionally, Pakistan, which has been fighing war on terror for many years, is now on a decent path to progress.
At this time, Pakistan has become a centre of a new kind of trade, from north to south and east to west with the implementation of the CPEC. The Project is the largest Chinese investment venture in Pakistan with around $62 billion. After the completion of first stage, both the governments have started the second phase.
At this stage, government took a positive initiative “Digital Pakistan”. Help of this initiative can ensure the transparency and accountability ensured by using the technologies. However, in order to achieve the policy objectives the government should penetrate the internet in village’s area and make it easier for every Pakistani to connect with internet. Further, under the dynamic leadership of the Tania Aidrus, digital opportunity initiative will boost the economy of Pakistan including attracting foreign investment in IT sector.

A new wave of literacy for Pakistan

IF you didn’t know, UN puts together large goals for the world and expects certain countries to lead these initiatives while dragging along what they consider “developing nations.” Instead of following this habit, what if we are at the forefront of innovation in Pakistan that the US, Europe and China looked for their models of literacy, education, women empowerment, and sustainability? The UN lays out a clear set of goals they are working on and I want to open your eyes to their goals in what is known in the SDG 4, or the Sustainable Development Goals 4: this focuses only on the education of our world.
For over 10 years, I have helped Pakistanis grow in their understanding of these goals, but today I challenge you to read these goals, too, and play our part in helping your neighbours and brothers achieve SDG 4 before any other nation. A few of the goals worldwide are as follows: • Some 750 million adults – two thirds of them women – remained illiterate. • In schools at the primary and lower secondary levels, less than half of schools have access to electricity, the Internet, computers and basic drinking water. • Over 85% of teachers worldwide have no formal training. When looking at these goals, it excites me to see that we have the power in our own households to become leaders here. We can eradicate illiteracy without funding. If you can read this now, then you are already empowered. You have a duty to share this skill with your fellow Pakistanis as it is a type of wealth you possess. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not wealthy.
Watch the struggles of the western world and join arms as we adapt faster, become literate and adopt technology at a faster rate than any other nation. The battle is not to win and conquer enemies, but it is to have a more peaceful and prosperous life as quickly as possible so we may share the fruits of goodness with posterity so they may live in a Pakistan of tomorrow where they may never remember us as having any of our struggles which we are faced with today.
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Black day for Pakistan

16 December is known as Black Day in the history of Pakistan. We are remembering the victims of the worst militant attack in recent times. Yearly anniversary tributes are held across Pakistan with prayers, memorials and candlelight vigils. The main ceremony is held at the Army Public School, Peshawar, with the parents of victims and Pakistani Army officers in attendance, with portraits of victims displayed in the school and along the road into the city. On that day Taliban gunmen stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar. More than 150 people were killed, 132 of them children, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age making it the world’s fourth deadliest school massacre.
There are many songs presenting tribute to the martyrs of the attack. This incident pushed Pakistan into tackling domestic terrorism like never before but trauma and grief remain undiluted. It was an event that is still fresh in the hearts of people today. This has devastated many families and generations. May Allah grant the victims the highest level of heaven and patience to all the near ones and the whole nation.

Stop fake pranks

Nowadays prank shows are very popular in Pakistani society. Numerous individuals, particularly adolescents, pull tricks on outsiders and put recordings on their online networking pages and YouTube channels for distinction or financial purposes. In spite of the fact that a few recordings can be engaging, the majority of them show prankish people being presented to open maltreatment, whips or others.
This is the manner by which they make themselves an object of derision before their watchers. In addition, according to certain occurrences, on the off chance that it turns out badly, a trick can change individuals’ lives even. While the nation is confronting a few issues, it is a pity that our children are using their energies in crazy exercises. It is the ideal opportunity for our more youthful age to do some valuable errands like mindfulness projects to profit themselves as well as other people.