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The great heist

Nobody wants to probe and prosecute those involved in BP190 million heist, which translates to over Rs44 billion, equivalent to a large part of the subsidy which tempted a political government to freeze Petrol prizes to gain public sympathy.

This amount is much larger than subsidy given by Punjab Government to provide public transport facility like Orange Train in Lahore and is often subjected to criticism by political opponents, although it is constitutional obligation of the state. It is equal to 12 years of subsidy by Punjab Government to Orange Train public transport facility.

There is no confusion that National Crime Agency in the UK, recovered BP190 million from Land Mafia tycoon for owning assets which in the judgment of British Judiciary were proceeds of crime and were to be returned to Government of Pakistan, for deposit in National Exchequer.

Yet, the power and influence of this Land Mafia tycoon within the real corridors of power, forced the political government to close their eyes and oblige the Don. Irrespective of which political party was at helm of affairs, the BP190M would have been returned to the alleged criminal and not the national exchequer.

Nobody has dared to probe high-profile, white-collar crimes, that have haunted this country from 1954 onwards including the controversial gifting of Gandara Motors in 1963 to a military dictator.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jinnah’s vision of a modern democratic welfare state has been hijacked by remnants of British Colonial Raj, who were corrupted by the colonial powers to betray their motherland and serve the Raj.

Even after 75 years, Pakistan’s drained economy bleeds while its paid and elected public office holders are involved in reverse flow of hard foreign exchange to their foreign bank accounts, where their families reside. Meanwhile masses are being led astray either in the name of religion or anti-samraj slogans



Missing link

of twin cities

Infrastructure development plays a key role in boosting economic conditions of a country. Such a regional project is the Rawalpindi Ring Road project which aims at connecting twin cities has been on halt for years.

The ring road project is designed to cater the heavy traffic congestion to provide easy access to residential communities which otherwise was only possible via using GT road, already handling massive traffic. The Ring Road project was proposed years ago but could not be executed due to poor feasibility reports but now it seems likely that the project will take a boost. The work on the project has been formally started by its project manager and Commissioner Rawalpindi Noor-ul-Amin Mengal at Banth along with FWO Frontier Works Organization.

It will pass through Chakbeli Road and end at Thalian Interchange at M-2. The project will be completed in a span of two years. It is being deemed that the project will ease up the heavy traffic flow between twin cities. However, the concern lies in the access of heavy vehicles to the road. As large trucks and other heavy transport will access the ring road, the infrastructure will be massively affected leading to the traffic problems that are being aimed as solved under this project. The authorities must have this issue in view to make the project success.



Heat wave & precautionary measures

All you need to know about the heat-wave, how to protect yourself. As large parts of the country continue to swelter under the grip of a scorching heat-wave, and with temperature expected to intensify over the coming days, here’s your complete guide to understanding the phenomenon and ways to stay safe. What measures you can take to stay safe in this heat-wave period. Stay indoors and in shaded places. Use an umbrella/hat/cap/towel when outside. Wear thin loose cotton, light-coloured garments.

Drink water and salted drinks (lassi, lemon water, fruit juices, ORS) frequently. Eat fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, lemon, orange etc. Take frequent cool baths and reduce room temperature. Use window shades/curtains, fan, cooler, air-conditioner, cross-ventilate room, sprinkle water, keep indoor plants etc.

If a person feels unwell, especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, those with pre-existing medical conditions, and outdoor workers, they should immediately shift to a cooler place, put on minimum clothing, be sponged with cold water and be transported to the nearest health facility.

Avoid going out in the sun, especially between noon and 3 pm and if necessary use sunglasses to protect eyes, Doing strenuous activities when outside in the afternoon. Drinking tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks. Wearing dark-coloured, synthetic and tight clothing.



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