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PMA Declare PMC as black law, wants PMDC to be restored. I am really shocked to read this news. PMA is a highly respected organization of the medical fraternity, we doctors are all the dignified members of the society whether working in PMA, PMDC or PMC. The question arises why the Govt. has repeatedly dissolved PMDC, the answers is known to every one of us. Let us be honest to face the reality, as the management of PMDC was run by the corrupt mafia during the last decade (by a few of the top slot) as observed in some of the other organizations of the country. Finally, circumstances forced the Govt. by reincarnating the regulatory authority of PMDC by PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) with rejuvenating blood.
Mere change of an emblem does not signify PMC a black law. It sounds like a political outburst (with due apology). There are many ups and downs in the history of an organization, but a change is always refreshing. Being a very senior and experienced professor of the profession, I sincerely advise PMA to hold patiently and let the new team of PMC work for sometimes, I am sure (Insh-Allah) the black days will soon become a history of past. PMC has taken over a week ago, how do you expect miracles in such a short time. Let them work diligently. Please refrain from saying a constituent body a “black law”., we all are dignified members of PMA. The current situation had badly tarnished our image and the worst sufferers are the recently qualified young doctors awaiting registration.
Finally I request the Government to rehabilitate the poor lower staff immediately, their sincerity is doubtless and they should not be made scapegoats of the current turmoil.

Lazy peoples are burden in our society

The development of the human society depends on hard work and constant activity of its members. People should work hard and fulfil their duties in order to build their civilisation. When a member of the society is lazy, he does not fulfil his part of the social work. Consequently, one works less but gains the same part of the common profit. It does not worth mentioning that centuries ago people struggled against lazy individuals because they ruined the standards of social life. Moreover, the quality of life was very low and every member of a group had to make his contribution into the development of his group.
Everyone was supposed to work hard. Very often, lazy people were punished severely. Exile was the most common solution of this problem. A lazy person was not useful for the society; therefore, he was exiled from his group.

Survey of big markets

In a survey of the country’s biggest markets, the FBR has found that Karachi pays the most tax. In fact, the tax collected from Karachi’s six biggest markets is more than the tax collected from the biggest markets in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Faisalabad combined.
The FBR surveyed the markets in Saddar, Tariq Road, Clifton, Golimar, DHA and Gulistan-e-Jauhar and found that they collectively paid Rs30.87 billion in taxes. There were 50,200 tax filers in these markets and the 18,744 big taxpayers paid a total of Rs29.94 billion in taxes to the government.In comparison, Lahore’s four biggest markets paid Rs567 million in taxes.
These are Anarkali, Mall Road, Hafeez Centre and Liberty Market. There are a total of 3,950 tax filers at these markets.
Rawalpindi’s big markets pay Rs1 billion in taxes and have 6,508 filers. Faisalabad’s five big markets pay Rs141 million in taxes.Islamabad’s four big markets — Supermarket, Blue Area, F-10 Markaz and Jinnah Super — paid Rs1.93 billion in tax.

Iqra Card please!

Honbl. PM, Imran Khan, has launched ‘Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship Programme’ with the hope that it would provide financial access to youth for enhancing education; acquisitioning of employment and to play civilized role in the comity of nations. But new-borne-babies are also in queue; what about their infrastructure for stepping them upto undergraduate? He also announced that ‘ration programme’ is also in the offing for poor/s. Though eggs and chickens scheme was more respectable then RC; yet not welcomed (because, we, except afew) became habitual for accepting (aid) from IMF and likewise – to which scribe says ‘disease of aids’. Alas! Certainly; we are bound to accept aider’s conditions – take and give – so, they changed our baby’s bag!!
Certainly; education is fundamental right of every child guaranteed not only by Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but also every nation for preparing teachers/students like Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan (***). Affluent parents could afford any price but ordinary citizen/s could not admit baby even for learning – alf (Allah); ba (Bismillah); pa (Pakistan). The situation becomes more-complicated if one has to admit more than one child even in ordinary institution!
In the past, almost every (election’s candidate) promised to gives-priority to education, but after capturing chair disappeared. Similar programme was announced by Punjab Government but not proved appropriate – because, sometimes, dishonest teachers do not concentrate fully. Anyhow; priority is needed for – Iqra Card – for which first verses were revealed by ‘Allah’ on Last Prophet (SAW)!
Though; writers like scribe are penning since creation of Pakistan; yet no serious attention was/is given to education sector. Instead; cricket-and-kite remained high! In addition to other – Education dilemma of Pakistan after 50yr, Pakistan Observer, 1998 – was/is one of the best articles appreciated by public, due to policy plan – if acted upon accordingly, education sector would boost rapidly!!!
Tatrinote, AK.

Consequences of climatic change

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I want to express my deep concern and anxiety on the climatic changes due to various man-made reasons. Man is responsible for all the degradation of the environment.
It started with the indiscriminate felling of trees. The deforestation has led to innumerable harms to the environment and ecology. Trees provide oxygen and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. The clearing of forests led to droughts and dry spells. This has resulted in global warming and sudden climatic changes. Pollution of air, water and land is making our living quite miserable. Our seas, rivers and lakes are also polluted. They have become dumping grounds for human and industrial wastes. Glaciers are melting. So are the ice volumes of the Poles. Man’s unlimited needs and limited natural resources are further aggravating the problem. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization have adversely affected the landscape and climate. Let us check the degradation of the environment and make this planet a pleasant place for human habitation.

Drug addiction among students

Our future generation is at risk. Drug addiction is increasing day by day in educational institutions of Pakistan. It’s an alarming situation for all of us. Youngsters are getting involved in this due to unawareness.
Drugs are affecting their mental and physical health. This drug abuse is destructive for the future of our youth but still no solid action to have been taken by the government and educational institutions.
As our future depends on the youth, so our government must take serious action to stop this drug abuse. Our educational institutions can play a vital role by spreading awareness about the harmful effects drug abuse.
Educational institutions have to put a check over their students. Parents should also have to put an eye over their children’s extra curriculum activities. By making these little efforts we can save the future of our students and the nation as well.

I am teacher of collage

Today I saw one video in which few boys were beating one man very badly, I thought there must be something wrong so the boys are beating him but as I opened it’s voice and listened my eyes were full of tears that he was professor of college and was shouting that don’t beat me I am teacher of collage.
Teacher is also called a spiritual father, he tells us difference between good and bad, he gives us eyes to see the world, with whose prayers we get success. Now a days do we have just this respect for our teachers??
I don’t know actual matter and whatever matter was there but was this way? I request authorities and all student councils to stand for this and take strict action and notice of this incident.

Negative impact of media

In the new age of constant technology and the intense use of social media and the internet, I became concerned of a very important and relevant topic that is encroaching into society. How does social media affect traditional news media‘s credibility? At first thought this situation may not seem to affect society at all, but it does.
Citizen journalists are ruling the news world now. People can post anything they want anytime and in the blink of an eye, thousands even millions of people can see it. These citizen journalists have not been trained properly and those posts can be edited to say basically anything that the “journalist” wants them to say. Fake news has also become a problem and social media has only exasperated that problem.
It is not simply that anybody can post anything and that is “fake news,” but it’s that quite a bit of people now go to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get their main source of news for the day. That can only lead to problems.
To be an active member of society, citizens must educate themselves so that they can properly decipher what news has an agenda and what news is truly trying to inform their citizens, because even traditional news media now is starting to act and flow like social media.

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