Skill development – Great source of employment


Faisal Ansar

Unemployment is root cause for many issues and in fact, unemployment creates problems like bad law and order situation as there is always a bright chance of getting involved in bad activities by unemployed persons. Unemployed persons become a liability in the society as well as for their families. Unemployment causes depression and tension for unemployed persons as well as the persons who are associated with them. In the present scenario unemployment is not less than a nightmare when the inflation is skyrocketing and it becomes hard to manage bread and butter for their families for the employed persons then how an unemployed person can survive in this society.
Skill development is a great source of employment and the country like China has paid great attention on skill development by imparting technical and vocational education. In China educational institutions across the country link with industries and impart market demand-driven trades. As per different industries’ requirement of workforce, curriculum is designed and accredited by relevant entity for certification and examination and then such curriculum is imparted in education institutions consequently all graduates are employed soon after completion of education thus served the purpose of getting education as people get education to get good and decent employment. Technical and vocational education prepare entrepreneurs also as institutions are established along with workshops where they manufacture and sale the products which are infused in educational institutions how to make it. China has introduced small industries concept as well that houses in China have established small industry in their houses and producing and selling some products from there. Lives of many inhabitants of China have been transformed owing to running such small industries in their houses.
There are three different natures of works across the globe. The first one is labor work which includes plumber, mason, electrician, carpenter, driver etc and maximum number of jobs are available in this sort of work but very few people intend to make career in these fields. The second one is public dealing such as anchor person, call centre agent and media relating jobs etc. The third one is office work and supposed to be white color job which includes accountant, administrator, manager etc. Minimum jobs are available in this sort of work but unfortunately most people try to get these sorts of jobs. The maximum jobs fall in first category which is related to labor work but generally labor are not trained thus draws nominal wages and if labor is trained and certified could earn handsome amount of money otherwise hard work would not pay off. Career counseling is required here that which sort of job suits whom. In foreign countries, Pakistanis are the ones who are not paid handsome amount of money as compared to inhabitants of other Asian countries as they are trained and certified while Pakistanis are not.
In Pakistan no great attention was paid to technical and vocational education whilst founder of Pakistan Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said in 1947 that “I must emphasis that greater attention should be paid to technical and vocational education” but unfortunately the Qaid’s statement was never taken seriously by any regime in Pakistan. The initiative was taken by the provincial government of Sindh in the year 2008 and started a training program which imparts technical and vocational training across Sindh while similar nature of program across the country was initiated by federal Government. Through these programs lives of many youths have been transformed. Incumbent Government also showed determination to carry on these training programs.
Incumbent government should replicate the same education mechanism adopted by China that institutions imparting technical and vocational education should be linked with industries and impart it as per their demands for which a survey should be carried out before commencement of education program that in which field workforce is required by industries so that graduates might get employment soon after completion of their education. Moreover, interest free loan on easy installments to graduates could help them start a business of their own choice. In this way unemployment ratio in our country might be reduced and youth might stand on their feet.

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