Food and Cultural Festival held at Pakistan House to strengthen Pak-China cultural ties

Observer Report

A Food and Cultural Festival was held here at the Pakistan House to strengthen cultural ties between Pakistan and China through Pakistani cuisine.

According to report published by China Economic Net, Pakistani cuisine is considered as one of the tastiest cuisines in the world based on a long historic tradition and cooking excellence.

Therefore, to strengthen cultural ties between Pakistan and China through Pakistani cuisine,

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque told China Economic Net that this is a very special day as everyone is celebrating the beautiful color of autumn in Beijing and “we are celebrating the art of Pakistan and the friendship of China and Pakistan”.

“Pakistani Seekh kababs and Bar B Q are famous not only in Pakistan but also in China. Pakistani Biryani is the most-liked food by Chinese friends here. We also have very famous Lassi (yogurt) and here you can see a long queue of Chinese and foreign friends at Golgappa stall.”

Asif Jalil, the owner of Little Lahore – a very famous Pakistani cuisine in Beijing – said that traditional desi dishes including Chicken Biryani, Samosas, and Golgappa.

All these Pakistani food are very famous in China now and the Chinese people are developing Pakistani food taste.

“One could discover the flavors of Pakistan with Pakistan’s food and culture promotion here,” he mentioned.

The event was arranged to showcase the culture of Pakistan through its delicious cuisine, colorful handicrafts, folk music, and warm hospitality, and music from Pakistani artists played in the background.

In addition, books were presented to highlight the notable achievements of Pakistanis through history ran during the event.

Shahid Afraz Khan, a Pakistani citizen based in Beijing told China Economic Net that Pakistani food is unique in its taste and it’s one of the representations of Pakistani culture; that’s why Chinese people are taking so much interest in Pakistani cuisine.

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