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Punishing whistle-blower

This is with reference to media reports on IBA. A seemingly conscientious student of an established institution like IBA Karachi, witnesses an incident on August 25, where a female employee was allegedly threatened and shouted at by a Finance Department officer.

Such incidents seem to have become a normal practice in every state or public-funded institution of this country, which are being operated in an autocratic manner by those at the helm

We should encourage our students who stand up for basic rights and rule of laws, instead of punishing them for daring to do so.

This country needs to inculcate and encourage students to develop moral courage to stand up for Ethics and Rule of Law and not discourage them.

The student Mohammad Gibrail, made the mistake of listening to his conscience, which angered the Executive Director, who instead of suspending and ordering an investigation against the alleged member of the Finance Department, expelled the student with the help of the Disciplinary Committee.

This sends the wrong message to those who dare to point out acts of harassment of females and the mindset of those at helm of IBA. Students of IBA are agitated over the state of affairs.

An independent investigation needs to be conducted into affairs of IBA, to probe why such a mindset has evolved and how many such arbitrary actions were taken earlier by the administration of the present Executive Director.

Pakistan has suffered a lot from the (ab-)use of power by those at helm over the past few decades, who consider themselves above the law.

Our society needs to encourage citizens of Pakistan who dare to challenge authorities involved in blatant abuse of power.


Video leaks

After the world saw Wiki Leaks a few years ago, we are now going through the era of Video Leaks. A video clip of former governor of Sindh and spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Muhammad Zubair is doing the rounds on social media.

No electronic or print media is willing to touch the issue due to its sensitivity. Whether the video is genuine or fake is for the forensic department to prove but media’s mum over such sensational issue is creating a negative image for the country all over the world. Where are all our so called ‘investigative journalists’?

Though Mr. Muhammad Zubair has out rightly rejected that the person seen in the video is him, but the question arises as to who is behind this video leak and how did it manage to make its way to the social media? If this video clip issue is not addressed timely, we will see more such videos in the days to come bring more embarrassment to the country and us as citizens.


India in UNGA on Pakistan

While India in the United Nations General Assembly heaped some clichéd allegations on Pakistan which, unlike past, Pakistan has proved to the world that it no more adopts/advocates them in its current geopolitical framework (e.g. training, aiding, harbouring and leveraging terrorists).

But, some of the points or arguably allegations that India made could have been avoided had our authorities prudently given statements about TTP ‘amnesty’, India’s bashing-like “defence of terrorism” and ‘glorification of terrorists’ was hint towards same statements.

Besides, India’s mentioning of 9/11 and anti-Semitism was a part of sinister innuendoes towards the deeply-entrenched impression and wrong generalization that ensued Islamophobia: Islam is terror-sponsoring religion.

Moreover, India cut its sorry figure by mentioning “pluralistic democracy” whereas the global human rights organisations like UNHRC and eminent world magazines like ‘The Economist ‘apprehended the gross human rights violations.

Be it the prolonged lockdown situation in Occupied Kashmir or Assam’s genocidal evacuations or mob lynching by cow vigilantism, or recent discriminatory CAA or Delhi and Bihar riots against Muslims by RSS goons under saffron-terrorism of Hindutva agenda. In fact, Amnesty International ceased functioning in India after a constant harassment by BJP.

Lastly and importantly, India’s claim of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to be its “integral and inalienable part” was contradictory to the UN Security Council Resolution that calls for a plebiscite to give Jammu & Kashmir right of self-determination.


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