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Tajammul Islam: An iconic leader

Sheikh Tajammul Islam passed away on Sunday, September 5, 2021, in Islamabad. With the passing of Sheikh Sahib, who was the champion of freedom of expression, we lost one of the most prominent journalists of Kashmir.

Sheikh Sahib was an institution by himself. He was an intellectual, renowned scholar, academics, chief editor, Daily Azan, revolutionary student leader during his days at Kashmir University, Srinagar, President of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, Jammu & Kashmir, organizer of an International Youth Conference which was ultimately banned by Sheikh Abdullah’s administration, Executive Director of Kashmir Media Service but above all, he was a family friend and my guide in so many ways.

Sheikh Sahib never compromised on the basic principles of the Kashmir dispute. His formula was simple: The aspirations of the Kashmiri people must be ascertained under the umbrella of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

He lectured about Kashmir not only in Asia but also in Europe and North America. He was consistently thinking about galvanizing the cause of Kashmir, particularly among the youth of Kashmir. He was undoubtedly one of the most recognizable experts on the subject of Kashmir.

The people of the Kashmir lost an iconic leader in the field of journalism. May Allah place the soul of Sheikh Tajammul Islam in Jannatul Firdous and give Sabar to the family! Ameen.


Agriculture problem in Pakistan

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Pakistan. More than 70% of the people are involved in agriculture. The agricultural yield is very low. The reason for this low production is low literacy rate.

Literacy rate of the country is quite low. Majority of our farmers are not educated and do not have any knowledge about modern farming.

They have a little knowledge about the use of insecticides, selection of good quality seeds and proper use of fertilizers with the result that their production per acre is far below the requirements of country.

They only believe in and use the traditional methods of cultivation which they learnt from their elders with the result that they get low yield from their land.

Government has extended educational facilities to the farmers through agriculture department in the use of modern scientific methods of cultivation.

Radio and television programs on agriculture are broadcast and telecast to educate the farmers about modern methods of cultivation.

Pamphlets and leaflets have been published for creating awareness among the farmers about modern cultivation.


Maharashtra CM’s ki goondagardi

On 06 September, last week, one of my family members residing in Dombivili was carried to hospital in a serious condition.

I went to the ticket booking counter at Sion (since I am residing there) and requested the clerk at the booking counter to give me a single journey ticket to Dombivili, as my going to Dombivili was very urgent.

I even showed the clerk at the booking counter my vaccination certificate of having taken two doses of the Covishield vaccine. But the clerk would not listen. He was very rude and told me that he does not care if my family member dies but would not give me the ticket.

He wanted me to remove a monthly pass which I didn’t want to because I just wanted to go to Dombivili once to see my family member.

When I told him that I did not want a monthly pass but only want a single journey ticket, he would not listen.

He said that they have been given instructions by the CM of Maharashtra, Shri Uddhav Thackeray not to issue single journey tickets to people even if they have taken two doses of the vaccine.

Shame on this useless CM of Maharashtra who does not care for the common man but who only wants to live in comfort.

This useless CM of Maharashtra does not even know how to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic in the state and how to take care of the common man. Because of him, a lot of people are suffering and have lost their jobs.

They have nothing to eat. But this CM of ours cares a damn as long as he gets three full meals a day to eat and roams about in his air-conditioned car.

I would like to add that we Christians of Mumbai have decided not to vote for the Shiv Sena in the forthcoming elections because like the BJP, Uday Thackeray too has harassed us a lot after he came to power by closing our churches and not allowing us to celebrate our festivals like Christmas, Easter and Bandra Feast.

If we raise our voices, he puts us behind bars. For our weddings, he has limited the crowd to only 50 people and for our funerals, he has limited the mourners to only 20 people. This is ridiculous which shows that he has a hatred for the Catholic/Christian community.

In February and March 2021 when churches were opened for a month and only 50 people were allowed inside the church to celebrate Mass, the police would stand outside every church counting the number of people entering the church.

If any parishioner would stand outside the church, their pictures were clicked and they had to face the wrath.

Mumbai, India

Population is pollution

Population is the second name for pollution. When a population increases, pollution automatically increases because more machines will be used, more vehicles will be driven and more wrappers will be thrown in public.

According to a recent research, the current population of Pakistan is 225,920,740 which is a very great number.

Pakistan, which is already experiencing hurdles in terms of providing basic needs to its civilians, is unable to control the country’s growing population which is and will continue to create more environmental problems like pollution.

One of its leading causes is lack of awareness amongst the people. Therefore, it is a humble request to the concerned authorities to provide information and arrange such programs to control the growing population and pollution.

Awaran, Balochistan

Pak T-20 squad

The Pakistan cricket team squad was successfully announced and hurt many cricket fans when no well experienced player was included in the squad.

Well talented players like Muhammad Amir, Fakhar Zaman, Shoaib Mailk and Wahab Riaz were ignored by the selectors who solely selected inexperienced players.

Pakistan’s squad seems to be the weakest team in this T-20 World Cup in contrast with other teams. We, the Pakistani fans, do not expect a win with this team. Thus, I plead the Chairman of PCB to include those well experienced players in the squad.


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