From Watergate to Afghanistan | By Khalid H Lodhi


From Watergate to Afghanistan

Judge Joan E Donoghue, I, as a British citizen of Pakistan origin request your honour to consider my humble request to the prevailing situation of Afghanistan. As you know, after 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, American allied forces le Afghanistan.

As a result of this, Afghan Taliban took control of the country’s territory as a whole and now Afghan Taliban are busy in forming the interim government in their motherland.

Now the situation in Afghanistan is under complete control of the Taliban and the whole world is observing the situation, and very soon neighbouring countries are planning to recognise the Taliban’s interim government.

Also, as you are well aware that in the last 20 years of the occupation period, there was plenty of examples that Afghani people suffered from the trauma of genocide, inhumanity and aggression, in this way thousands upon thousands Afghan nationals lost their loved ones, along with there personal belongings, assets & businesses.

Due to this, the neighbouring country, Pakistan also suffered the consequences as more than 70,000 innocent Pakistanis lost their lives to terrorism solely because of this 20 year occupation of Americans in Afghanistan.

Casualties that are included are military personnel and civilians, also a large number of people lost their businesses in the Northern area of Pakistan due to drone attacks in the territory of Pakistan.

In the civilised society, there is a need to be accountable for all of these mentioned unfortunate circumstances.

So, I humbly request that you please consider some forces to determine who is responsible for these war crimes.

I know that the American Administration have the right to veto power in the International Court of Justice for this case.

However, I hope that as a Right Honourable President of International Court of Justice that you should pass your kind observation about this humility, inhumanity, aggression and war crime.

Your observation will provide the light at the end of the tunnel for the people in the future, which will cause the super powers to hesitate to interfere in this way.

At the moment, thousands of Afghan refugees are helpless in European countries with there kids and families.

This is the responsibility and duty of the International Court of Justice to provide some relief to the other countries such as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.

These countries evidently suffered a lot due to this illegal occupation and aggression of towards people. Again, I humbly feel that as a member of civilised society that I draw your kind attention to this current situation.

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