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Pak needs good leadership

Pakistan gained independence in 1947 after partition of the British Indian Empire and now, 75 years post independence, its vast majority of people are devoid of basic civic amenities like clean drinking water, electricity, sanitation and proper public transport.

Roads across the country are dilapidated and without streetlights. Life has become a nuisance for the citizens which are a great shame for the ruling elite.

The educated, but jobless youths, are very concerned about climate change, environmental sustainability, corruption, government accountability, unemployment and lack of economic opportunities among other issues in today’s Pakistan. ‘Why was Pakistan created?’ is a frequently asked question.

The present rulers and authority figures must reflect upon the aforementioned frequently asked question by the desperate, dejected, dismayed and deprived, but talented, youth of the country.

The people of this country, particularly the educated youth, doesn’t need charity, but good leadership to deliver, not chatterboxes who give them false hopes and show them rosy picture while doing nothing for them.



Since SSC examinations have started, many students who didn’t study properly, are more prone to cheating during examination.

Examination centres should have proper security and staff should be fully trained and capable to curb such practices.

In some centres cameras are fixed but students still try all available techniques to cheat. They should be thoroughly checked while entering examination hall.

Also question papers get leaked on social media, this occurs every year, yet no tangible action is taken against those responsible. It obviously shows unwillingness on part of education ministers and authorities that they do not want to build-up a credible education system in the country.

Free Palestine

A viable two-state solution was agreed upon during Camp David summit between leaders of the US, Israel and PA decades ago yet Israeli and US hypocrisy foiled this plan and we continue to see severe Israeli brutalities on daily basis against defenceless Palestinians.
Israeli occupation forces continue to kill people, demolish houses and humiliate citizens.

It is high time that all Muslim countries unite to help Palestinian in all possible way and force world powers to attain the option of two-state solution for people of Palestine to end their miseries.

Via email

Child abuse

The problem of abusing children is increasing day by day and reached drastic level. But no one is taking any action against it, which is indeed very frustrating. This is intensely affecting our human image.

Children are not only sexually abused, but they are also abused physically and mentally. This affects their personality badly and one cannot expect them to grow properly in such an unhealthy atmosphere.

This happens due to carelessness of parents and lack of awareness. Raising awareness among adults and children is very essential.

Seminars should be held in educational institutions at every level to create awareness. Proper counselling centres should be established. Harsh punishments must be awarded so that no one could ever dare to do this again.


Beauty standards

As we all know that the use of social media is widely increasing and the first thing that people do in the morning is to check their phone but with it comes the beauty standards that the use of social media is setting for the new generation.

Small waist, big lips, perfectly shaped nose and clear skin are some of the standards that social media is setting for a person to be beautiful.

People use different types of filters, apps, Photoshop and even surgical procedures to attain these features and to fit in.

Plastic surgeries, different massages and use of silicon to make the face look like what the social media defines as a beautiful face are becoming common.

These beauty standards are impacting the minds and the behaviour of young generation making them believe that if a person has certain features then he or she can be regarded as handsome or beautiful without thinking for a minute that the pictures that they see on social media are photo-shopped, the models they see have gone through many procedures to look like that and loads and loads of makeup and lighting is used to make them look perfect.

These standards of beauty significantly impact mental health of people who desperately try to achieve these standards.

Humans are unique the way they are. Everyone has own identity and set of features that make them beautiful.

For whatever religion or part of the world you are, you should know that God has created you in a unique way different from others and has instilled a beauty in you that your personality reflects.


People suffer despite hospital

A government hospital was built in Hirronk, Balochistan yet there are no doctors available on duty.

There are only few nurses present while doctors’ stay at their residences, where they check patients and get money from them. They also get their monthly salary regularly.

This is government failure because it doesn’t have proper checks to curb such practices. Hope Balochistan government takes notice against this on-going corruption in the name of Hirronk hospital.

Hirronk, Balochsitan


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