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Agra needs electricity

In this era of technology and exploration where astronauts and men of scientific genius are penetrating to the unseen parts of universe and exploring different planets and trying their level best to make this world a better place to live in.

Where man has made every impossible thing possible, man has scaled such levels in artificial intelligence that transformed this world into a global village. In this era of globalization, our densely populated town Agra, which lies in the district of Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, is starving for electricity? In this fast growing age of communication, we are left in the darkness of ignorance where we are stumbling to meet the growing demands of this competitive world.

Load shedding is up to such extent that one can’t even recharge their cell phones, causing a major blow to the students attending online classes as it’s a hurdle in their way for pursuing their professional degrees.

Their career is pushed into the darkness with untimely load shedding. It’s a humble submission to the SEPCO authorities to rehabilitate feeder of Agra town and take inhabitants of the town out of such man made darkness.

Agra, Sindh

in Pakistan

Minorities are a small group of people that differ from majority of the society in terms of religion, race, language or social customs.

Minorities exist in almost every country, though their numbers may vary from place to place and time to time, nevertheless, they are a part and parcel of every country.

The Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam, was a strong proponent for the rights of minorities.

Throughout his struggle for independence, never once did he mention that he was creating a country only for Muslims of the subcontinent and he made sure the whole world knew this by representing the minorities in ‘white’ on the flag of Pakistan.

Though the country was founded in the name of Islam, he promised a future for everyone and anyone who wanted to live freely as long as they were loyal to the country.

He wholeheartedly believed that Pakistan could become one of the greatest countries in the world if the citizens of Pakistan, Muslims and non-Muslims, stood untied; and it was because of this vision that he was respected by not just the Muslims but also other minorities, especially the Christians.

Yet everyday we wake up to a new episode of intolerant behaviour against minorities in Pakistan — a country founded in the name of Islam, is failing its minorities or as one can say, minorities have been politicised by so-called politicians, who fume their social issues to brush up and polish their speeches, emotionally torture minorities and then financially cash their issues.

Had Quaid-i-Azam been alive, he would have been staggered and dejected to see how his beloved Pakistan and its people are treating their minorities.

It is about time we stand firm against those oppressing our minorities. They may not be Muslims but they still are living beings, and that is the only thing that should matter.


UK-Zimbabwe tussle!

It seems the UK is now making deals with Zimbabwe, which is a great shock to the world. It is surprising that the UK and Zimbabwe have agreed to forcefully deport failed asylum seekers back to Zimbabwe whilst Zimbabwe is still under sanctions from the UK.

Zimbabwe is under sanctions from the UK due to various reasons including rigged elections, abductions, killing opposition supporters, etc.

These sanctions have suffocated the Zimbabwean economy, crippled the new black farmers and shattered investor’s confidence.

The agreement regarding deportation is a win for Britain and a big loss for Zimbabwe since the UK has not removed sanctions from Zimbabwe.

If Britain can frustrate the economic progress of Zimbabwe by implementing sanctions and refusing to remove them, then Zimbabwe should also refuse to accept a thousand deportees from the UK.

Zimbabwe should frustrate the United Kingdom’s immigration policy as Britain has been frustrating the Zimbabwean economic recovery efforts through sanctions.

Zanu PF has still not been cleared of rigged elections, abductions and absurd prison sentences of human rights activists.


Children psychology

It is true that children are brought up with threats and fears of ghosts, dogs and other frightening factors which directly impact a child’s mind and personality.

Due to this fear, they are unable to express themselves throughout their life. The fear is caused by none other than their parents during the early age of a child.

According to a psychologist, Karen Honery, parents don’t fulfil their children’s basic needs which lead to anxiety among children and they distance themselves from their parents while growing up because they fear they’ll get hurt. Secondly, they go against people, face conflicts and keep themselves brusque.

I want to suggest every parent to have a good dealing with their children because their actions can lead their offspring towards the wrong direction.


Well-done Pakistan

The first match of Pakistan vs WI was cancelled due to rain and Pakistan won the second match by 7 runs.

However, we, the Pakistani fans, managed to see excellent bowling and batting performance and hope that they will continue to do so till the T-20 World Cup.

We expect Pakistani players to show themselves as great players in this series and it will prove that Pakistan is also ready for the T-20 World Cup. All our golden wishes are with the team.


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