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Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly-4 by-elections will be conducted on August 8, 2021. During the recent GB elections in this aforementioned constituency, both the candidates of PPP and ITP were disqualified due to being defaulters, at the eleventh hour of polls

. Now, while by-elections are just around the corner, a customary political charade of changing loyalties and switching parties for the greed of ministries is at its peak.

Chief Minister GB (PTI), himself, is influencing these elections by announcing—or more accurately, proclaiming—various projects and funds to lure populace, thereby sending an impression that since PTI is ruling at centre, only a candidate from this very party can avail funds for the regions.

This deep-entrenched mindset that a candidate’s success from party ruling in Islamabad can only bring about change and achieve funds for the region, isn’t new.

Such political manoeuvring has been used in almost every GB election—or most probably in AJK too; the recent AJK elections are vividly evident.

This is totally non-democratic because such political shenanigans deeply influence free and fair elections and don’t reflect the democratic way of electioneering.

These instrumental tactics alter the results of elections, as people of the region are obliged to vote for the candidate of ruling party with an optimism of progress.

They fall in trap of federal ministers and CM-belong to ruling party- that they will guarantee to salvage them of abject poverty and inflation since govt in centre is theirs.

These are not elections in its meaningful form enshrined in our Constitution. Nor they reflect a genuine will of majority.

Therefore, it’s high time the concerned authorities and democratic or parliamentary institutions took the matter as a grave concern and threat for a real democracy.

Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan

Track & trace programme needed

Thousands of Pakistanis are engaged in trafficking products like sugar, cement, electronics, gasoline, textile and car components in and out of the country.

Purchasing illegal goods not only harms the economy but also Pakistan’s sovereignty. The government of Pakistan has estimated losses resulting from tax evasion and smuggling to be around a whopping 70 million rupees figure.

I imagine that by deterring smuggling, the government would save money to carry out a range of social welfare programs like healthcare, improved (and free) education, well-paid employment, law and order and fully-developed infrastructure.

All these beg the question, Why hasn’t the Track and Trace program been deployed yet and why is it being delayed? Pakistan can make big headway in its objective of fighting corruption if proper attention is paid by the government and the right steps are taken.


Women should avoid

With gold prices on an upward spiral, women in various corners of the world are under constant threat from chain-snatchers.

Keeping in mind rising cases of chain-snatching, I feel that women themselves must stop wearing gold jewellery, and if at all they have to wear them, they must be alert.

The best way to curb such incidents is that they should start wearing imitation jewellery for daily use. They must keep their original gold jewellery for special occasions like weddings or parties and be cautious whenever they wear them.

Though mostly women are targeted, even men are falling prey to such crimes. I have no idea of what punishment is awarded to those who are caught for gold thefts, but considering the gold prices, it has become an easy way of making money, and anyone who wears gold — be it men or women — becomes an easy target for the criminals.

Self-restraint and taking precautions is the best measure to avoid being a victim of gold theft.
Mumbai, India

Insecure life of women

Pakistan ranks as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, and is currently witnessing a rapid rise in cases of sexual crimes and domestic violence. Whenever a woman demands her rights, she is often subjected to violence.

The brutal murder of Noor Mukaddam has hurt every woman’s heart. Rights activists blame a culture of impunity for the recent spike in violence against women.


Women and their safety

I want to walk alone on the streets at night and live and enjoy my life on my own terms. I want peace in aloofness.

Yet the daily headlines, newspaper stories and hash tags shake my confidence and fill my heart with fear.

Heartbreaking incidents, the brutality and cruelty of rapists make me cry, and when it comes to responsibility, we, women are blamed.

We are blamed for our dreams. We are blamed because we desire for a free and independent life. We just need equal rights.

We just want to make our dreams come true. And that is why our protectors become our sinners. We are just guilty of being women.

Do men not have any obligation? Aren’t the government and the state answerable for this? For how long will only women be accused? When will men finally be questioned? Will they likewise be held accountable for their actions? Incidents regarding women and their safety put a question mark on the law and justice system of our country.

A safe state for women is pivotal in order to work for the improvement and development of society and country building.


Social media addiction

Media is said to be the fourth pillar of any state, having great influence and the power to make and break any big power.

It will be pertinent to say that everyone is involved up to such level that we can not take off our eyes for a moment.

In fact, electronic, print and especially social media have influenced everyone but children in particular.

In our daily life we use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and various tools of social media. Social Media has both advantages and disadvantages as for as its usage is concerned.

In olden days, we very often so sent letters to our near ones through postman and it reached them after days, months and at times years.

But in present era , it’s matter of a click.
Media has turned the status of this global village into a global street where all scenes and colours of life could be witnessed.

There is no denial that it has great benefits but to some extent, it has done a sheer amount of damage to the standing of healthy society particularly to cultural values, ethics and morales. Its usage in access has crossed red lines making most of people vulnerable .

Though it’s a bitter fact that we can’t keep away from it as we are ultra involved. But we need to be balanced, disciplined and strict with self and children in particular.We have lost our cultural, social and family values.

Thousands and thousands people use and waste their time specially students are constantly seen looking busy doing nothing. Hence, we should avoid its redundant usage.


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