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Small real estate development

The government of Pakistan, proceeding with the vision to reinvigorate Pakistan’s economy, and to provide better job opportunities to people, has provided support to the construction and real estate business in the 2021 budget.

Resultantly, substantial flow of money is expected to spread in the real estate and construction sectors.

On the whole, this budget will facilitate development of new and old societies and since tax rates stand lowered, rental income properties will also be benefitted. Thus, the budget offers a bright future to the real estate sector.

Most important is NAYA Pakistan Housing scheme under which many small private societies got land approved and taken it to development phase.

Moving forward with this opportunity, many real estate companies have launched eco-friendly and futuristic architect projects both for residence and commercial purpose offering customized investment plans and solutions for diverse clients.

Beside the big groups which offer secure investment because of their strong financial background and good project completion history, small societies with no such strong backing and experience are taking greatest advantage of this boom, offering residential plots, flats and commercial shops at very low prices and easy installment plan which is attracting many middle-class people to own property.

This has its own demerit because we have witnessed similar real estate boom during Musharraf/Shaukat Aziz era which ended with many small societies siphoning billions of rupees by fraud.

I was the victim of this fraud too. Several societies’ owners, still facing NAB charges, having no actual existence on the ground, looted billions from middle class community.

This time we need to be vigilant to invest only in big real estate builders’ projects rather being misled by fraud societies that ends with loss of our precious hard earned money.

Secondly always check through Online portal that particular society has been issued NOC and their land has been approved by concerned authorities before making any investment.


Was Palestine nothing more than a trend?

Palestinians have been subjected to inhuman brutalities of the Israeli occopation force ever since the Nakba in 1948.

However, this crisis was recently triggered when Palestinians began protesting against the anticipated decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to evict six Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and grabbed international attention, taking over the world by a storm.

Videos and pictures of how the IOF were bombing, attacking, trespassing and harassing Palestinians and their territories were tweeted and shared, leading to the global Free Palestine Movement.

Within seconds, #FreePalestine became Twitters top trend, exposing the heinous Israeli behaviour and the Zionist Israeli gov.

Palestinian journalists and influencers such as the Al-Kurd twins, Subhi Taha and Meera Adnan used their social platforms to educate the world about Zionists strategic schemes such as portraying the Dome of the Mosque as Al Aqsa and secretly digging underneath, the raw history of Palestine and emergence of the apartheid and illegal State of Israel.

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook vehemently tried to hide this truth by lowering engagements one very thing related to this movement and words like Palestine and Israel were filtered, though all in vain for the world knew the truth, which is why it is still a shocker when one sees that in just a few weeks, this movement has died out, even if the Israeli brutalities haven’t, making one question was Palestine nothing more than a trend?

If not, then why has the world become silent again and why have we turned our eyes away from the Palestinians? Why are we not talking about Palestine anymore and why are we not doing anything anymore? Israel is still carrying out its brutalities.

The other day, IOF stormed Al-Aqsa again and shot rubber bullets on the praying Palestinians. The injustice hasn’t stopped, so why have we?


a hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi dedicated his entire life to humanity and is remembered for saving lives of most vulnerable in Pakistan.

However, it’s been almost five years since Abdul Sattar Edhi left us. But no one can ever forget his love and compassion for all, irrespective of religion or caste.

According to a source a few artists already shared on social media their love for Edhi Sahab through paintings.

Now, in Quetta, a statue of Mr Edhi has been erected to honour this national hero for his selfless services for the cause of humanity, both on the national and international levels. The statue, made by Ishaq Lehri, has been placed at Edhi Chowk in the city.

I personally appreciate Ishaq Lehri for his praiseworthy initiative in order to make the next generation to remember this national hero, who should never be forgotten and live in our hearts.

Via email

Thus sang caged bird

What is happening to me is not something unique that is happening to me alone. It is a broader process that is taking place all over the country.

We are all aware how prominent intellectuals, lawyers writers, poets, activists, students, leaders, they are all put into jail because they have expressed their dissent or raised questions about the ruling powers of India.

We are part of the process. In a way, I am happy to be part of this process. I am not a silent spectator, but part of the game and ready to pay the price whatever be it for the crime I have not committed.” Thus sang the caged bird, Stan Swamy before paying the biggest price by his own life.

Yes, Stan Swamy, the martyr is no more. He attained his martyrdom on July 5, 2021. His voice has been silenced forever.

More importantly, countless number of tribals, Dalits and the poor and marginalized people too have lost their voice because he was ‘their’ voice. In Stan Swamy they had found a saviour. Now the poor are left poorer in his absence.

Fr. Stan Swamy once said, “If I do not speak for the poor and exploited, then I am not true to myself”. Fr. Stan Swamy’s death is nothing but a cold-blooded murder. Fr. Stan Swamy was a man of God. In him, the Dalits had found a saviour.

Mumbai, India

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