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Career counselling

Through the courtesy of your prestigious newspaper, I want to raise the issue of career counselling, scope of which in our society is insignificant, despite its great need for people in a world of tough competition.

It is very excruciating and preposterous that the career counselling centres are not becoming dominant in our society.

This seems surprising, that in a little time span, the eminence of career counselling has declined dramatically, although career counsellors serve in providing a better tomorrow by doing their part today.

Career counselling raises self-awareness for better understanding of an aim. Furthermore, the social skills are also being stimulated by these centres to communicate confidently and how to manipulate the disagreement and dissatisfaction in any situation without being jittery.

Moreover, career counselling centres create room for self exploration, self analysis to explore their hidden potential and ability to make adjustments and adapt to the environment as the principle of acceptance and tolerance are extremely important.

But unfortunately, in spite of these impacts, the rate and importance of career counselling is not inflating due to which people are facing career-related frustration.

Making wrong decisions in career choice, flustered one while moving forward with the life goals due to which one is unable to achieve the goal that one had dreamt of. A counsellor is extremely important for one to guide and to raise the morale level.

There should be a session with a counselee to give clarity and awareness about different fields. It is extremely important to have a career aptitude and personality test for a person.

So, for this Government should pay attention and take appropriate steps to open career counselling centres and to organise seminars for a better tomorrow.

The Government should provide financial aid to these centres and there should be awareness campaigns.


Uneven distribution

Poverty is common in Pakistan and most of the families are surviving under poverty line.

Undoubtedly, one of the best steps to control poverty is giving jobs to the poor and our PM Imran Khan has devised the best way to serve poor people in country.

One of the best steps to provide basic rights to the poor is being done by the government in the shape of Ahsas Imdad Programme.

The Programme is aimed at assisting the poor by giving them money for the purpose to control poverty, finish hunger and to make them financially strong.

However unfortunately, the problem which I am going to highlight is “uneven distribution” which is unfair indeed.

The Ahsas Imdad program is one of the best programs, however, there is no proper distribution of the money.

Money is provided only to those who are already financially strong and the one who needs help is deprived of this facility.

The government must see the problem of (uneven) distribution and should endeavour to provide money to those who are not financially strong as well as the ones who require money. It is only then it will serve the purpose for which the program has been launched.


Arrest of Fr Stan Swamy

Fr Stan Swamy, an Indian Jesuit priest and a tribal rights activist who has been arrested in October 2020 by the Maharashtra police on false charges is not a terrorist and the Catholic Church in India and the world over demands his release at the earliest because he has committed no crime.

He has only been helping the Adivasis (tribals) in getting back their lands that has been taken over (robbed) by the government.

Fr Stan Swamy has no connection with the Bhima-Koregaon case and has been arrested under false charges by the stupid Indian government who has a hatred for Christians and the good works they do.

Mumbai, India
Rabies reaching epidemic level

Rabies is an acute viral infection from which people all over the world can easily be protected due to timely availability of vaccine except Asia where this disease is still life threatening, especially Pakistan.

The main reason that people are coming in contact with this dangerous disease is the bite from stray dogs and after that no availability of vaccines at government level so that people could get vaccinated and prevent themselves from this painful and fatal disease.

The disease needs to be managed seriously on Provincial and Federal governments’ level by making availability of vaccines possible by engaging WHO in this regard properly.

Because only in Sindh last year about 2,05,319 cases of dog bites were reported and the vaccines available for the whole province were just about 16,000 and that is really alarming.

In such a situation the only way left for the Municipal Corporation is to shoot down the stray dogs, but it is preferred to save the head of the animal from being damaged as it is necessary for Rabies testing.


SBP charges on IBFT facility

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has authorized the banks to charge a hefty fee of up to 0.1% with minimum of Rs 200 on IBFT (inter-bank funds transfer).

These charges are exorbitantly high and against the Government and FBR policy of digitizing the economy. Public will again be forced to resort to cash transactions.

Banks already charge annual fee for using their Digital/Internet banking facility and now these charges would totally discourage the public using IB facility.

The SBP instead of making transactions convenient for public seems to have joined hands with the greedy commercial banks to fleece the public.

It should immediately cancel these charges and allow free transactions like before as banks charge annual fee in advance for the year.


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