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For blind community

Pakistan Association of Blind (PAB) has been working in the district branch Larkana since 1991.

It has 100 active members who work voluntarily for the welfare of the blind community.

Works include education, security, personality grooming and welfare. I met a few who were complaining that the government has forgotten us. We have no share in the budget. The funds are not given to us.

The 100 active members of the PAB collect financial support from different sources. It is time high that the government must take tangible steps for the welfare of the (especially) blind community.

The quality institutions like schools, professional vocational training centres and health plus life security cards must be issued to them.

Such quality institutions can cherish talented youth who could work as leaders. We have the precedents like Yousif Saleem, the first blind judge, who took oath in 2018 after clearing the competitive judicial examination.

Like him, many can achieve the highest goals. They are part of society and could contribute to the better living of the unprivileged community. Government must create jobs for them so that they live the life of an ordinary man.

It is the responsibility of the state to look after all segments in general and special persons in particular. Being special, they need special attention.


Impact of lockdown on social relations

Family and friends both play an important role in our life. According to my observation majority of the people feel more comfortable with friends, because they are their peer group and they can express their feelings quite openly.

People feel shy to express things in front of family members. Majority of the families are also not that open minded and have restrictions.

Friends are important part of our life. We share our feelings and problems with then without any hesitation. We feel more comfortable while talking to them.

In the situation of pandemic people where away from each other and were unable to express their feelings. According to research many people were depressed and got anxiety.

We can’t express feelings through social media, as there is no match of meeting face to face. People were depressed which led to distance in relations.

But many people got close to their families and got good impacts as well. But majority relations are harmed.

People should give time to each other as the lockdown is open now. They should remember the good time spent with others, and at least give time to clear things. It will change the mindsets, and will also clear many misunderstandings.

Via email

Illegal trawling

Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan area-wise and most affluent in terms of natural resources.

Additionally, it has a strategic location and Balochistan coastline is approximately 770 km.

However, it hurts me to mention that illegal trawling is on its peak and destitute fishermen are leading a pitiful life.

Moreover, fishing is the primary source of livelihood for the population living along the coastline of Balochistan i.e. Gwadar, Pasni, Jivini, Ganz, Ormara etc. Fishing is considered one of the world’s most risky occupations.

According to International Labour Organization Occupational Safety and Health, an estimated 24,000 deaths occurred in fisheries worldwide last year.

However, illegal trawling is a key driver of global overfishing and it threatens marine eco-system, puts food security and regional stability at risk. Apart from this, it is linked to major human rights violation and even organized crime.

More importantly, Pakistan is home of 1050 km long coast of which 750 km runs through the largest province Balochistan.

Illegal trawling in Balochistan started in 1960s and in 1971, government of Balochistan promulgated ordinance of fisheries for the prevention of illegal trawling in the provincial waters to save marine eco-system.

Back then trawlers were not equipped as they are now to fish intensively and extensively. The problem with trawlers is that they also damage the ocean eco-system.

A trawler net discriminately catches every life and object it encounters. These objects sometimes include endangered fish and even vulnerable deep-sea corals.

This collateral damage also devastates large areas of sea floor habitats that give marine species food and shelter, leaving the marine eco-system permanently damaged. Trawling also pollutes the sea with oil and other chemicals.

Majority of people living along the coastal areas of the country rely on fishing for their livelihood. Hope the authorities concerned would be listening!

Turbat, Kech Balochistan

Wearing two masks will be more suffocating

As a second wave of Coronavirus pandemic rips through the country, healthcare experts are encouraging people to wear two face masks, a practice popularly called “double masking”.

Wearing one mask as it is, is suffocating, even if worn for 30 minutes. Wearing two masks, one above the other will be more suffocating.

Mumbai, India

Water crisis

Water is the basic necessity of life without which humans and animals can’t survive.

Despite such importance of water for the survival of the living things of Thar are suffering from its devastating crises. They all are suffering from calamity due to political negligence at a greater level.

The issue could be resolved only if the governments will pay serious attention to this crisis and utilize all the funds allocated for managing the water shortage copy up the crisis instead of doing corruption. The people of Thar need a proper canal system to meet up their water needs.

Moreover, they must be proud with salt and fluorite treatmeant plants, so they could drink clean water and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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