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Education Card System

KP Chief Minister announced the start of the Education Card System on Sunday. Being an extension of the Sehat Sahulat Programme, this initiative is particularly geared towards enrolling deserving students from economically disadvantaged families in the country’s premier educational institutions. This is a step in the right direction that should be applauded.

However, this is just one of the many measures that need to be taken to improve access to quality education in Pakistan.

For a long time, many have been advocating a revamp to the higher education system so that a greater segment of the population can gain admission in universities who would otherwise not be able to do so.

There is currently a large number of deserving students who are deprived of a quality education due to poverty and the situation has only further deteriorated since the onset of the pandemic.

Over 300,000 schools were forced to close down last year resulting in significant learning losses that could cause human capital to decline in the years to come.

Reports have revealed that an estimated 930,000 children, out of the 22 million that are already missing school in Pakistan, are being pushed to drop out due to the pandemic.

Unless urgent and innovative measures are instituted to ensure that students can continue their education, irreparable damage to the future generations seems inevitable. The broader issue is that we urgently need to dismantle inequity in education.

KPK has seen a number of initiatives recently to increase access to education as the Rahatul Lil Alameen Scholarship programme was announced in April for talented and talented and needy students.

With the Education Card being introduced, KP continues to set a precedent for other provinces.

If Education Card being introduced in KP turns out to be a success, it can hopefully be emulated in other parts of the country as well.


Give women acceptance they deserve

While we are living in a male dominant society, where hardly there is acceptance for women, women are still considered as a mere commodity rather than treated as equals amongst all.

Hence we all can see that how at every turn of their life women are facing problems and facing a hard time making their place in this male dominant society.

Women entrepreneurship is the first step towards the outmoded thinking of this society, this is to break the dilemma of male society that all power belongs to a male, indeed male in our society own superior position by Islam, but that does not mean that women are not allowed to make their own decisions and they have no right to live.

In the business world and money-making process, women and men are equal or their competitors both are allowed to take part.

Here when a man is allowed to own a business, women can also own a business, when men can go Howard, women can also, if women can do overnight and women can bring up his kids, men can do the same.

We are living in 2021, we should now get over from the outmoded thinking of our society, we have made progress in science, technology, lifestyle and all, we should also progress in women rights, we should start accepting independent women, women entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs represent the fastest-growing category of entrepreneurship worldwide, especially in recent years, with the attention of many academics.

According to the emerging literature, women can make a noteworthy contribution to entrepreneurial activity and economic development in terms of creating new jobs and increasing the evident domestic product with positive impacts on reducing poverty and social rejection.


World Asteroid Day

World Asteroid Day which was celebrated on June 30, was a day where people from all walks of life came together to learn about asteroids and what we could do to protect our planet from the impacts of asteroids.

Although asteroids would seem like mere rocks floating in space, they are actually objects of great importance for astronomers, geologists and planetary scientists, among others.

On the evolutionary field, they are pristine objects from the dawn of the solar system. They maintain their original chemical composition that speaks to us about how our solar neighbourhood was like about 4.5 billion years ago.

Mumbai, India

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