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Sports and contribution of institutions

Engaging in sports has a myriad of benefits for people of all ages and children are no exception.

The benefits of sports are not only physical as sports also help people to develop clean and healthy habits that last all along adulthood.

The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, always advocated the importance of sports.

He emphasized that sports play a vital role in the development of nations as they inculcate discipline and resilience, develop a sense of solidarity and encourage the spirit of teamwork.

With the recent trend of participating in national and international events like the Olympic, Asian and Commonwealth games etc.,

there has been a tremendous increase in sporting activity in Pakistan. However, Pakistan still needs to upgrade the standard of training and facilities for the young talent.

Moreover, there is a general trend amongst the youngsters to stay indoors which is leading towards a sedentary lifestyle.

Also, with the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all industries have witnessed unprecedented changes and so has sports.



The Pakistan Medical Council, one of the gigantic statutory regulatory body, conducts the entry test extensively all around the Pakistan.

The enormous function of PMC is to accomplish higher qualification of medicines and other aspects by conducting entry tests in all the provinces of Pakistan but regretfully I have to mention that recently the PMC has increased the registration fee up to 6000 which is unaffordable for an aspiring medical candidate.

Approximately the entry test candidates appertain to the middle class families so it is abstruse for them to afford other needs such as hostel fees, books and food etc addition to the registration fee.

It may be noted that the competitive institution such as CSS, FPSC, NTS and other testing services have digital system but still their enrolment cost is modest.

Keeping this in view, it is my humble petition to the PMC authorities to reduce the fee of MDCAT so that candidates belonging to middle class feel convenience. It will be a great service.



The most brutal practices on women like swara, vani, karo Kari seem to have no end, eventually.

Estimates show that Pakistan has the highest per capita murder cases on women on the pretext of honour than any other country. Now, basically what the honour killing is.

Zaheba Zahra examines honour killing as: a victim who is murdered because the predators believe that the victim has injured the honour of the family.

And the so-called ‘honour’ is in the veil they hid their faces with, the lips which are sealed and the eyes that bleed.

In a nutshell, there is NO honour in killing or else killing on the pretext of honour is a dishonour itself.

However, more sadly is the fact that each year 1000 women’s breathe are snatched brutally in honour in Pakistan.

To all the illiterate men, a flying bird knows its location of residence but a caged one puts all its struggles to escape from the spot, anyway.

The lawyer Sahar Bandial mentions that the apex court emphasised, “ The Holy Qur’an does not permit killing on the ground of adultery, let alone the ground of gairat [honour]…nor prescribes a lesser punishment for such killings.”


Consumer satisfaction

Companies are transforming their traditional trade practices and resorting to digital selling and online procurement processes. One major focus and challenge at the same time, is on consumer satisfaction.

Ever since the pandemic hit us, lockdowns were imposed at public places including business centres and markets.

At this point, businesses including multinational and private limited companies were finding it challenging to deal with changing scenario and some even to survive in these trying times.

Internet and broadband providing companies such as PTCl, Ufone, Telenor & Jazz were quick to serve its customers through numerous online options whether to provide digital billing options, online shopping or entertainment.

This has proved to be a positive change in the otherwise trying times with lockdowns and working from home even access to online education.

Though, consumers in developing countries are not given due significance as in developed world. Yet, things have changed from bad to good instead of going from bad to worse.

Old time phrase ‘Consumer is the King’ is now practically seen ruling businesses in countries such as Pakistan.

A single uncontended customer can now share his or her bad experience on various digital forums which immediately affects credibility.

This is a lingering threat, a 24/7 check on all conventional and non-conventional business entities operation in Pakistan, which ultimately goes to the advantage of the consumers.


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