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Dowry is curse

Our society is suffering from multiple problems such as poverty, poor health facilities, the heinous practice of corruption and dowry.

These problems are giving birth to depression and social deviance. Such issues are making life miserable.

Dowry is one of the major issues of our society. Thousands of girls are waiting for a life partner.

But the hurdle in marriage is a dowry. Bride’s parents are unable to afford the marriage expenses and purchase the dowry items. These expenses are making marriages difficult.

Parents have to take loans to make a wedding successful. Later parents face problems because they are unable to return borrowed money at a specific time.

The successive governments have failed to make a policy where lucrative expenses of marriage are discouraged.

Since PTI came into power with the slogan of change and hope for better living life, yet it has to fulfil its promise of change, though it is a bit hard to bring change in such a short span of time.

It is proposed that government must take responsibility for arranging a marriage with specific dowry items. Marriages of bride and groom are arranged as collective ceremonies.

In this way, marriages will take place at right time and the curse of dowry will be left from the shoulders of parents. The government will take care of the partners to live happy life.


SPSC corruption

The Sindh High Court Bench Hyderabad’s decision to sack the Chairman and Secretary of the SPSC and declare null and void CCE-2018 and doctors’ illegal appointment was an admirable decision.

Not only had these appointments, the SPSC also selected several incompetent Assistant Sub-Inspectors during 2019-20.

The SPSC had announced jobs for the post of ASI in 2016. The physical and written tests were conducted in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

One wonders even after providing a carbon copy of a 50 mark MCQs paper’s answer sheet to each candidate, the SPSC didn’t upload answer key on its website, while the written test results were announced without uploading answer key on the website which made ASI recruitment controversial.

Such negligence of the SPSC even after taking four years to complete the ASI recruitment process disappointed the candidates.

Sadly, hundreds of ASIs, who neither know how to write or speak proper English, have been selected through corruption. This has frustrated deserving youths of the province.

Instead of appointing these sub-inspectors based on merit, the SPSC sold these jobs for personal gains.

Such practices have destroyed the future of these talented candidates. Besides, under the PPP, the SPSC has never been transparent or independent.

Instead of providing jobs to well-deserved candidates, the party has always played a fundamental role in recruiting influencers to strengthen their constituency. That is why candidates have been protesting against the injustice of the PPP-led SPSC.

The CJP must take sou moto notice of ASI recruitment as these appointments were also made through corruption and political influence in Sindh.



The Hub Academy is one of the well reputed academies in district Lasbela of Balochistan in terms of teaching English.

It came into being before 2010; since then, it has left no stone unturned to serve the nation and the people of Lasbela. People only think that the academy only teaches English but it is beyond that.

The academy has played an outstanding role in carving students and taking their hidden talent out.

It has always tried to give the youngsters a good platform and tried to boost their confidence level by holding different types of programmes be it: debate, speech, reading or essay writing competition.

It has carved and made many students including good writers and speakers. Today, the products (students) of this academy are in good positions and are serving the nation themselves now.

Role of such academies must not be overlooked. We cannot give them mountainous gifts for their services, but we may at least mark their efforts with appreciation.

Hub city

Rash and reckless driving

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the general public and the concerned authorities about the rash and reckless driving by the people in our city.

The fast moving trucks, buses, scooters, bikes, etc., have become a menace to the people, especially the bike riders, who, it seems, neither care for their own life nor others. News stories about the road accidents caused by rash driving are pouring on a daily basis.

There have been many cases of road rage and hit and run incidents, which pose danger to the pedestrians especially the poor, homeless people who sleep on the pavements.

As someone who feels victimized by the reckless driving, I feel that there should be better policing.

Besides implementing stricter traffic rules, honest and vigilant officers should be appointed so as to keep a check on chaos and raging drivers on the road. Corrupt officers should be suspended immediately.

Enforcing speed limits within the city is necessary and so is stricter norms for issue of license. Therefore, whoever violates the rules, must be fined heavily.

The problem can be easily dealt with by spreading awareness about the issue as much as possible and also by taking timely action. Hence, I wish the authorities make a note of the situation and act upon it immediately.


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