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Good enough

Pakistan has written to the UN and UNSC to take immediate cognizance of India‘s plans to change the demographic makeup of IOJ&K further.

Good enough. However, the question is will the world body be able to stop India from pursuing its audacious escapades in the occupied territory?

No, it wouldn’t. Past records stand testimony to the brutal fact that India has always had its own way in IOJ&K, and neither the UN nor powers that be have been able to exert pressure on India to desist from taking illegal measures in occupied territory.

I am afraid, India is a slimy operator and you can never trust it. It may, with, of course, the blessings of its staunch allies, spring many inconceivable surprises in the not too distant future. Pakistan must remain fully prepared to deal with any such adventurism on India’s part.


Voting rights for OPs

There is a constitutional requirement which makes it mandatory that secrecy of ballot paper and its security must be ensured.

Recent hackings of high security institutions like the Pentagon, State Department etc exposes loopholes in the internet-based systems.

All citizens of Pakistan residing within and outside the country have the right to cast their vote in free and fair elections conducted by ECP.

However, it must be understood that national security and state sovereignty are sacrosanct and should never be compromised.

Logistics in countries like the USA which comprise over 50 states with 4 contiguous time zones is a hurdle, except perhaps in NYC or Houston etc where our consulates exist.

Recent hacking of high security institutions including the Pentagon etc have exposed loopholes in the otherwise smooth flow of information technology via the internet.

The sanctity of the vote cast by Overseas Pakistanis via the internet from their homes cannot be assured.

This right of vote for Overseas Pakistanis cannot be given to those who have on oath pledged that they “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any state, or sovereignty, of whom, or which, I have heretofore been a subject or citizen” and has further sworn to “support and defend the constitution and laws” of his newly adopted country.

Such an oath binds the individual to “bear arms on behalf of the USA against all enemies, foreign or domestic” and also a pledge to “perform non-combatant service in the armed forces of the US when required by the law”.

The Patriot Act passed by US Congress binds all Americans to this oath with severe punishment for individual and his/her family if they fail to perform as per their pledge. If they want to vote they must pledge a fresh oath of loyalty to Pakistan.

Water mafia the culprit

Water is an essential resource through which people survive but many places, areas and cities are running out of water and Karachi which is Pakistan’s largest city is one of them.

The city’s population is roughly 15 million, needs around 600 million gallons of water each day, yet the city at present gets just around 435 million.

Due to the mismanagement of the state, there is absolute water stress in the city. People are facing economical, social, and political problems.

In some parts of Karachi water is accessible, however, it is not drinkable nor usable. This led to the creation of the water mafia that is sucking all the water from pipes and selling at high cost because of which poor people are not capable of purchasing.

The Mafia is overtaking the government in supplying water to the citizens. Generally, 6 times a tanker fills up every day which a poor man cannot afford.

Not only the poor suffer but also factories and industries suffer since the government raises the price. The government had better stop the water mafia from corruption.


Deprive of water

It has been almost two weeks since the residents of some sectors of North Karachi are deprived of water.

Resultantly, a few of the residents are compelled to buy water from water tankers who can afford to while majority of the people living in these sectors – gets the water from Khawaja Ajmeri Nagri pumping station – cannot afford to buy water belonging from mediocre families and are seen to get help from neighbours.

Water is a basic need to live life and it becomes miserable to spend a single day without it especially in summer season.

Authorities concerned are requested to please look into this grave matter and ensure supply of water to the relevant pumping station immediately so that the people of the area get water.


Tourism development

Mansehra’s Chathar plain is a very beautiful, cold tourist spot, a lofty place with spell bound  beauty and charm . It is located at the top of Mansehra district.

The weather is very cool and calculated despite the fact that basic facilities of life are not very satisfying.

However, the pleasant  weather and atmosphere don’t allow the visitor(s) to recall the misery  of scorching  heat being faced by the people in the down district.

It merits mentioning here that the total distance between Mansehra  and Chathar is about 50 miles and one can easily cover this distance after a two-hour drive at least.

The intent behind highlighting Chathar plain is to draw the attention of the PTI-led government and higher authorities towards the many many places of tourist value in Hazara Division which, due to negligence of the successive governments, have yet to be developed as full -fledged tourist spots .

If these spots are given proper attention and focus , they, without an iota of doubt, can play a very crucial role in the economic uplift not only of these areas but also of the country as a whole.


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