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Covid-19 vaccination phobia

There are rumours about the corona vaccine that it will have harmful effects on people after it is administered.

It has been seen that some people have said in conversation that they will not get the vaccine even if they have a fever or a cough or coronavirus. It is rumoured that those who have received the second dose of the vaccine have also become ill or are dying.

What is the benefit of getting vaccinated? Therefore, whatever it is, they will not get vaccinated.

Citing social media, some said the government had developed a fake vaccine that was killing people, while others said there was a risk of infertility.

There are sincere calls for vaccinations but people say that if they get vaccinated, they will die. Therefore, a meagre population has been vaccinated against Coronavirus so far.

There is also a misconception about the vaccine that people are getting sick after taking both doses. Attempts havae been made to aware the people but to no avail.

However, doctors are convincing the people that they should not believe in false statements spread on social media and protect themselves and their society from the ravages of the virus by vaccinating them.

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Fr Stan Swamy is not a terrorist

Fr Stan Swamy who has been arrested in October 2020 on false charges is not a terrorist and the Catholic Church and the entire Christian community demands his release at the earliest because he has committed no crime.

He has only been helping the Adivasis in getting back their lands that has been robbed.
Mumbai, India
Innovation in construction industry

The construction industry in Pakistan is expected to expand by 3% in real terms in 2021, following a decline of 6.2% in 2019. To support the construction sector and boost employment and economic output, PM Imran Khan announced a construction stimulus package in April 2020.

The package includes a fixed tax rate for the construction industry, a subsidy worth PKR30 billion (US$191.5 million) for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, a decrease in sales tax and incentives for builders to construct affordable housing. In addition to this, those who invest in newly constructed buildings will be exempt from declaring their source of income until June 2022.

Under the new law, tax on low-cost housing construction under the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority was reduced by 90%, advance tax on the sale of property was reduced from 10% to 5%, one-time capital gain tax was exempted on houses and flats, and zero withholding tax is applied to all construction material except steel and cement.

Under these favourable conditions, big names in the real estate sector have availed full opportunity of the government package and proven to be a giant leader and driving force of the Construction & real estate industry in Pakistan, offering state-of-the art leisure facilities, Unique architectural structure, customized investment plans and solutions for diverse clients, ranging from small to large investors.

Healthy competition among construction industry to develop unique architecture designs of Building and Skyscraper in Pakistan which offer great amenities for customers to enjoy western life style in this part of the world.

If this continues, we can become an hub of commercial activities in the region where investors and tourists from all over the world would love to come in for their business needs and tourist pleasure.

Ghotki train tragedy

It has been dangerous to travel in Pakistan owing to the poor traffic system especially travelling by train.

Every other day accidents are reported in parts of the country in which several people lose their life while many are left seriously injuried.

However, on Monday, in the horrific Ghotki train tragedy at least 65 lost their precious lives while more than 100 people sustained injuries, some seriously.

It is not the first accident of this kind rather every passing day we witness such a tragedy due to our corrupt system.

Moreover, concerned people in the sitting government always criticize the previous government(s) for such mishaps, the practice should be ended forthwith.

I request the concerned authorities and government to do a proper investigation to find out the reason and guilty hands of this train tragedy.

The government and concerned authorities should work on for maintenance of the railway tracks in the country to make the number of the accidents less in the country.