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Silence of Muslim world

Israel is always violating international law and Palestine people are bearing the brunt of Israel atrocities for the last many decades.

Recently in the holy month of Ramazan Israeli armed forces killed innocent women and children through aerial bombardment for 11 days and do not allow them to go Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli armed forces are always busy in killing innocent people and no one can stop Israel from this cruel act.

This is not a first time Israel has done this and continuing the annexation of Palestine land even after Abraham Accord.

Moreover this is a slap on the face of Muslim word and United Nations. Similarly, Arab countries only verbally condemn Israel and do nothing practically for innocent Palestine people who are facing Israeli state terrorism for last so many decades.
Sukkur, Sindh

Threat to humanity

If a group of people bombed a building and killed people no matter which caste, colour, country or religion they belonged to, it is a horrible act to justify it in the name of religion. No religion or law could protect this cruelty. It is a terrorist activity and they are terrorists.

Decades have passed and still humanity is living under threat by terrorists. Terrorism remains a widespread problem.

I still remember the 2014 Peshawar school massacre, I was an eighth grade student in Karachi but still it was so horrifying. The attack occurred in Peshawar but it left parents and children all over Pakistan in grief and fear.

In all over the world many anti-terrorist agencies had been formed in order to fight against terrorist groups including United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and not to forget about operation Zarb-i-Azb by Pakistan.

However, terrorism still remains a threat to global peace. Only law-enforcing agencies cannot control it, we all need to unite against this growing threat.
Drug addiction

It is a bitter fact that a large number of our youth use narcotics. We can see swarms of large number of heroin-addicts in markets, graveyards and public parks.

Men, women and even children beg money from people and go straight to drug-seller and buy dangerous drugs. There are numerous reasons for this widespread social evil.

The most common is unemployment. A young mind is too tender to bear any act of injustice. When young men see open violation of merit, they get frustrated.

This type of disappointment is very dangerous. Most of the time it forces young men to commit suicide as disillusioned people can do anything. Some of them turn towards unlawful activities and become bank dacoits or terrorist. But most of them become drug addicts. The effects of drug addiction are multi layered.

Addiction of one person turns into family destruction. As an individual he loses his identity and integrity in the society while his family loses their social position. The family members of an addict pay the cost of his addiction throughout their lives in different ways.

They face taunt, tease, social isolation and stigma. Lack of awareness about the harmful effects of drug is another reason. Our curriculum does not provide students with necessary information on drug use, prevention and treatment.

Bullying journalists

Journalism is not a profession that ought to be maltreated, as it is a profession of extraordinary obligation.

The nobility of journalism is to use power of pen with sincerity and devotion, which leads to providing the public with truth.

In Pakistan, journalists have consistently been facing serious intimidation by state and non-state actors. The murder of Investigative Journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad and many others left journalist community in profound despondency.

On 29 May 2011 he was going to be a part of the television show “In Session” by Duniya News at 6:00 pm but didn’t arrive at the studio.

On the next day 30 May 2011, his dead body was found in a trench giving indications of severe torture. He was a bold and brave journalist. He is still alive in the hearts of Pakistanis.

Fuel for fishing boats

In Pakistan, there are several coastal areas where fishermen catch fish and other seafood to earn money to feed their families.

However, today they are unable to catch fish by boats and net due to high price of diesel that has created problems for everyone.
Due to this fishermen cannot afford to run their boats. This is also a major reason that more people have become jobless.

Government must provide subsidised fuel to all small fishermen so that they could earn money for their families.
Turbat, Balochistan

Online shopping

Online shopping is increasing day-by-day especially in this pandemic and moving towards digital platforms. People are ordering household and basic necessity through online stores namely Ali baba, Daraz etc.

Due to this many shops and stores are moving their business towards online platform and it is good and positive step but it contain many flaws as people are misusing these applications and ordering much more than they need. Many scams unearthed as what people ordered and what they got in return.

In the end, we should not misuse these applications and kindly do care about those in our surroundings who couldn’t even afford basic necessities.
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