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Poor service at vaccination centre

On 02.5.2021around 10 pm, went to get vaccinated at Lala Musa Vaccination Centre. The Vaccination Centre at a local academy proved quite poor in terms of services rendered to general public.

The centre, headed by Dr. Abid Majeed, is in a state of disarray.
Despite extensive car parking, only medical staff and referral vehicles were allowed to enter through the main gate.

Aware of importance of social distancing yet surprised to see at the time of vaccination that staff scolded and misbehaved with people for not sitting together.

Eventually, turn came at 11pm but none of the staff was available to administer vaccine.

As a responsible citizen, I also lodged a complaint on the Prime Minister’s Portal and the Chief Minister’s Portal so that those who come to this centre don’t face this situation and are treated with some respect.

Criminal injustice

In the holy month of Ramazan, hundreds of poor villagers of Sindh, living in the vicinity of land allocated to a controversial Land Developer, are being deprived of their land, where they have lived for decades, while the State looks helplessly the other way.

What purpose do all these state institutions serve, while this land grabbing is going on, they cannot enforce authority of Law and judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Almighty have mercy on us.

Stock Exchange potential

Stock exchange is a place where investors normally trade ownership rights associated with the companies by exchanging equity instruments i.e.

share certificates, nowadays the process is nearly completely automated to replace the old physical transferring of financial instruments.

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was established on 11 January 2016 when Mr. Ishaq Dar, the then Finance Minister inaugurated the integrated bourse after the amalgamation of previously known Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges.

PSX has seen various bouts of prosperity and misfortune since then, however a major setback was seen with the outburst of the pandemic _ COVID-19, which dragged down the KSE 100 index to a level of KSE 100 index 27,228 points, but still it survived rather flourished and stretched up to the limit of KSE 100 index to 47,339 points due to the unabated and focused efforts of the ruling government.

In order to boost up investment in Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan has lowered the policy rate and reduced it to a single figure since April 2020, which currently stands at 7%, making the cost of investment very low thus giving incentives to investors to borrow from banks at low rate hence increasing their investments in the capital markets but low policy rate does not come without its devastating trade-off effect in the form of increased inflation due to burgeoning demand for goods as can be witnessed through current high inflation rate of 9.05 % in the month of March 2021, therefore the treasury department should try to strike the optimum mix of interest rate and inflation rate.

The government can tap the market potential by introducing investment friendly tax reforms, developing new sectors in the economy, offering fair amnesty schemes, demonetising high value currency notes and formulating policies similar to those of developed economies around the globe targeted at making the local market more conducive not only for local investors but for international investors as well.

These measures would help in shifting the stigmatised shadow economy into regulated economy which would stand as a precursor for further investments thus accelerating the aircraft of economic development beyond take off speed for further development.

Reckless drivers

Drivers of our public buses do not seem to attach any value to human life. They drive their vehicles recklessly on roads and streets, which result in loss of lives or people receiving serious limb injuries.

They drive at high speed that is not allowed on city roads and manoeuvre buses sharply in order to overtake other buses, causing serious jolts to passengers.

No overtaking is to be allowed on bridges or narrow roads but these drivers do not care for any such laws.

When it comes to racing with another bus of the same route the driver move at breakneck speed.

This criminal behaviour must stop. The traffic police must ensure proper manpower at various points on city roads to check this menacing attitude.

Lockdown during Eid

Pakistan will go through another lockdown this Eid-ul-Fitr, marking it the second Eid engulfed by the deadly pandemic.

We have all witnessed and mourned the deaths of millions of lives since last year due to Covid crisis.

Even though Eid is a happy festival marked by congregational prayers, socialising and overall enjoyment on conclusion of Ramazan the blessed month of fasting, it’s better that people abstain from any such activity as a symbol of unity and empathy with Covid victims.

Abiding SOPs should be our top priority. As an alternative to annual rituals, offering prayers at home with family, keeping up with virtual parties and serving the weak and needy with whatever means that is easy, would be much admired.

The lockdown is yet another opportunity to reach out and help the needy and the poor amongst us with whatever resources available.

This is high time to reflect and restore our faith in God and serve humanity.

Portraying which Islam?

The true “Ashiqaan-i-Rasool” showered their love for Islam and the last Prophet (PBUH) by injecting chaos all around the country.

They killed, injured hundreds of policemen and officials.

When it wasn’t seemed enough, they burned and devastated public properties, government assets and did what not. Meanwhile, many protesters were also killed by police force.

Incumbent government’s attitude and violent protesters both have equally contributed in making Pakistan a laughing stock in the world.

We really need to change our mindset and must realise that this is not what Islam practically teaches. We are portraying to the world that we are even ignorant of our own religion.

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