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Flouting court decisions

Our bureaucracy is out of touch with true aspirations of people and now reports from various parts of the country reveal that the bureaucracy is not serious to implement decisions of courts.

More than 30-40% of cases, however, decisions have not been implemented at all.

In this connection it is worthwhile to mention a case of Ali Nawaz Junejo who had been deprived of his retirement benefits of 35 years’ service in the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) working under Ministry of Industries and Production. Mr. Junejo retired on January 1, 2012.

In spite of the High Court of Sindh order dated January 12, 2017 and the Supreme Court of Pakistan order on June 4, 2018 and December 20, 2018 in the review case and now once again the High Court of Sindh order March 4, 2021 in the contempt of court appeal to release him retirement dues within 14 days.

The PIDC management is using both dilatory tactics and means in the legal payment to senior citizen, once an employee of the said corporation.

This is not the only case, but there are thousands of such cases in which the decisions of the courts have not been honoured.

This demonstrates that our bureaucrats never bother about bureaucratic ethics and ethos.

It is evident from research and media reports that our bureaucracy is rarely held accountable either for their inefficiency or wrong decisions.

The courts make decisions that help shape society and when courts decisions are not implemented then the society becomes de-shaped as we see and hear nowadays in Pakistan.

Why rulers not take action against those bureaucrats who waste state resources but avoid implementing orders of the courts?

policy issues

Foreign Policy is too complex an issue to be a subject of discussion, whatever the pressure, to be discussed by ministers with a political or extremist religious party agitating on the streets.

This crisis in which Pakistan has been involved, and its citizens subjected to harassment is a self- inflicted wound.

It was highly irresponsible for federal ministers and others to get involved with an extremist group, on sensitive foreign policy matters.

Diplomatic relations exists not just between countries having the best of cordial relations but also countries with which relations are very tense.

Even countries engaged in war have to sit at the table with their adversaries to negotiate terms of ceasefire, or in the worst of circumstances, terms of surrender or the fate of POWs. We cannot isolate ourselves from the comity of nations.

When the mediocrity that dominate the corridors of power, embark on exploiting religion and indulge in fabricating accusations against their adversaries, to dislodge them from power, including their belief in finality of Holy Prophet (PBUH), then our external enemies cannot be blamed for inciting public sentiments.

Zia exploited religion to involve us in a proxy war and his legacy haunts us. We are still fighting to eradicate terrorism and sectarian divide.

Unfortunately, those at the helm of affairs are not aware of diplomatic norms and channels through which delicate issues between nations are to be resolved or discussed. Chaos and extremism occur in such countries and their economies suffer.

As for the issue of finality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his nobility, which is ordained by Almighty Allah, is a settled matter in Holy Quran and cannot be so fragile to be dented by any human being, especially those belonging to another faith.

Water scarcity

Many countries of the world are already facing water shortage, initiating every possible measure to counter the problem and campaigning water saving for future generations.

In this case Pakistan is most vulnerable, as govt is not taking serious measures and public is wasting water without any considerations.

In this regard government should start standardised water purification programmes, car washing should be allowed only at car wash centres, domestic clean water should be separated from sewerage to make it further more useful.

New technologies should be used to lessen water consumption in crops like sugarcane and rice that need huge amount of water.

Govt should depend less on tube well schemes, to preserve water.
Mian Channu

TV dramas

A drama “Khuda ore Muhabbat” being telecast on Geo TV channel is against our cultural and social values because of its meaningless story. The drama shows nothing that helps our youth to become socially and morally responsible.

In the love story, Feroz khan, being a young student from poor family falls in love with a rich girl at very first sight.

The girl leaves for another city and he chases her. In city, he tries to find a job for sustenance, expresses his love in front of girl and gets snubbed and scolded.

On the other hand, hero of the drama is living in tomb where he prays for achieving his love.

He is shown as mad for girl. Why a man is being degraded and humiliated and why a girl being forced to love others.

What type of mental awareness do drama writer and director want to create through such foolish dramas?


Unemployment in Pakistan is a serious problem, having harmful effects as unemployed people are forced to indulge in robberies, murders and many other crimes.

Moreover, a great number of educated people loiter about and search for jobs, but they fail to get jobs.
Most importantly, it is essential to provide opportunities for work and employment.

There is unemployment in cities, towns and even villages. In fact, this problem is increasing day by day and becoming more and more serious.

People who are unemployed cannot earn money to meet their financial obligations. It can also cause under-employment where workers take on jobs that are below their skills.
Absor, Balochistan