Pakistan offers support to India | By Haya Fatima Sehgal


Pakistan offers support to India

THE top twitter trend for two days was ‘Pakistan stands with India’. It was good and decent, and the population here spoke out what they truly felt.

It was a genuine gesture as even civilians across social media put up messages in solidarity with our neighbours.

Several celebrities such as the actor Shaan and the influencer Dananeer Mobeen joined in voicing messages of support as India faces tough times.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and several officials reached out with offers of vaccines, oxygen cylinders, X-ray machines and other medical resources. Whatever Pakistan could do to help, it has offered, considering its own limitations.

We here also do need to face ground realities which we must acknowledge. The global pandemic with the new strain in surging venomously in the region.

It would be reckless not to assess the situation here as well. At this point a semi lockdown is not possible due to an economic fallout.

However, smart lockdowns and stringent curfew are being implemented. We are hoping for more vaccines in from the top echelons as well as efforts are being made to do acquire them.

Pakistan officially did quite well in the initial days of the lockdown last year. We observed SOPs, got out only for essentials and we were lauded by many at the way we handled the situation.

However, the final lockdown lifting caused a spurt of a disgruntled opposition who decided to take out protests thinking it was a vulnerable time to play politics. Suddenly it was like a world gone mad.

The virus has thrived with the throngs of people outside. Again, the new strain was unforeseeable.

One thing must be highlighted, no government can be blamed for the virus spreading. All governments of the world are facing severe issues. Even superpowers have had to grapple the throes of millions dying.

Despite mass inoculation drives, other issues have arisen in each country and region. The mantra of any opposition here lies weak in taking this up as a stance.

They brought out the people onto the streets to protest whatever they could only to fizzle out dissolved and tired, leaving behind a widespread illness.

One thing that comes through all of this is that we stand in front of the biggest challenges that humanity has had to face.

The Pakistani government offering to donate available vaccines to India was also criticized by a few handful claiming we ourselves would run short.

Some very petty politics and not a viewpoint shared by the majority at all! More vaccines are not only coming in week by week and the allocated reserves have not depreciated.

The authorities are doing well in the face of intense adversity. The humanity which has also emanated during these challenging times between nations is heartening to see.

Pakistan maybe a developing nation – but it is a great nation in terms of empathy towards others, something which one can be proud of. We maybe struggling, and we do have severe issues that need to be sorted.

Yes, it is work that may take decades to rebuild and recenter ourselves, but we are making it happen day by day. What we do hope for is the reciprocal and recognition, by dignity and respect given to us.

Here we must also understand that the future of humankind lies with the thought of one world which is synced with each other in terms of compassion, aid, support and resources.
—The writer is known for her articles on cultural impact.