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in Pakistan

Pakistan generates about 20 million tons of waste a year and it’s quantity is increasing annually by two per cent. It can cause different problems also. Flooding is caused by garbage clogging drains.

The industrial waste is thrown in nearby areas, sea, rivers etc and it causes drastic effects.

Pollution runs in rivers and seeps to ground. This causes health problems and the atmosphere is poisoned.

The overflowing waste causes air pollution and this causes respiratory diseases. Solid waste has been increased due to industries and urbanization.

Dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and many other diseases are becoming common due to this waste.

The hydrogen sulphide gas can cause serious effects especially cough, eye irritation and also loss of smell. The food we eat is not healthy because of this, also the drinking water is unhealthy.

We all are already suffering from Covid-19, we have to make our society, streets and our country clean in order to have a healthy lifestyle and our government should work against this increasing garbage and have to apply several ways to reduce waste amount.

PPSC’s inefficiency

The PPSC has been unable to take any paper since the scandal of Tehsildar paper. That scandal had unveiled true picture of their corrupt recruitment process.

When such candidates are selected, there are mere a burden on institutions. It really distracted competent aspirants and enervated their efforts.

As unemployment is rising in the country and postponement of papers is increasing frustration of candidates.

As third wave of Covid-19 is becoming more dangerous, it is not possible to conduct papers in such precarious circumstances. The vaccination process has been initiated and that is an auspicious sign.

When situation gets better, PPSC must resume induction process for delayed posts.
Rape epidemic

Like the current pandemic of Covid in Pakistan, Rape is another epidemic spreading in our society like a wildfire.

The culprits are punished and sentenced to death or life imprisonment occasionally but in most of the cases, the victims are not provided with justice.

There are 11 rape cases reported per day in Pakistan and in recent six years 22000 rape cases are filed in police stations across the country and even some cases are highlighted at international level like the motorway incident where a woman was gang rapped in front of her children.

In our patriarchal society, sexual violation against women is widespread resulting in psychological impact not only on victims but also on their families.

The root causes of rape should be highlighted to bring awareness among people. Sex education should be given to all the children at primary school level.

State needs to take solid steps to mitigate growing rape incidents, so that we can stop Pakistan from becoming a rape hub of the world.
Kotli AK

Growing popularity of coffee cafes

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. A few sips of the aromatic magic stuff later and you’re suddenly awake and motivated to tackle your day head on. It’s truly the best.

Whether you enjoy a cold brew, a latte, or a double shot of espresso, if you’ve landed as I have my own cafe in Lahore with the name of “frost bite cafe” so I have experienced that people nowadays like to visit cafe specially youth come with their friends and most of the time they like to sit in the smoking area for smoking they like to have a cup of a coffee while smoking and enjoying the light tune which definitely relax their mind as we all know the current situation of Pakistan due to “COVID-19” people are so much disturbed so they want to relax their selves so cafe is the right place for them.

The beverage Industry has emerged as one of the most productive sectors in Pakistan over the years.

In this regard, coffee consumption has witnessed sudden surge thanks to growing popularity of cafe culture especially in posh areas of cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

In fact, out of home coffee consumption has immensely contributed to the increased in-house consumption as well. Coffee sales in Pakistan are expected to grow at exponential rate over next few years.

Analytics and market experts argue that such a growth is impossible without the contribution of our young generation.

Coffee cafes have done a marvellous job of attracting teenagers and young adults to their outlets as they also offer them a chance to socialise with each other on regular basis All these factors combine to portray a very positive future for this already extremely lucrative industry.