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Illegal use of GSM boosters

It angers me immensely to see people being so self-centered and gain an advantage at the cost of others.

I am talking about the new illegal trend of putting up GSM boosters to strengthen wireless coverage. These boosters, while enhancing their internet, rob others nearby of their mobile signals.

According to law anyone installing it, importing, selling, or buying them will face strict legal action, which can be imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of ten million rupees or maybe even both.

But this doesn’t seem to deter them.
I am a therapist and use my cellular data for all my online consultations, which exceed far more than my physical ones given the current pandemic situation.

Recently, connecting to WhatsApp and Zoom calls for my consults has been impossible. I found out is it is due to someone in my own neighborhood installing a booster.

These educated, apparently cultured people living in a posh locality of Lahore, have no care for their neighbors! How can a person be so selfish and brazen towards the law! I urge the government to run a rigorous campaign to catch these transgressors, punish them, and make it public so that others think twice before committing this crime.

Rickshawallas looting passengers

Before the lockdown, auto rickshawallas in Dombivili (West) would charge passengers in share autos Rs 10 per seat from one’s residence to the railway station, which means they would earn Rs 40 per trip with four passengers in the auto (one passenger seated near the driver).

But now during the pandemic which is not yet over, they keep charging passengers Rs 20 per seat, which means they keep earning Rs 80 per trip.

People in Dombivili are fools. God gave us two legs to make use of them. We should go walking and make use of our legs. Auto rickshawallas in Dombivili (West) and their families are living on people’s money by looting them in broad daylight.

The people of Dombivili (West) should stop travelling by auto rickshaws; instead, they should go walking to the railway station.
Mumbai, India

Lethargy NADRA

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), no doubt, plays a pivotal role to provide access to ID cards to every citizen of country for their identification. Unfortunately, it has dismally failed in terms of preparing ID cards on time.

Some say they have submitted their NIC-related documents nearly two months ago, but they have not received their ID cards yet.

People have complained multiple times to the higher authorities of NADRA but all went in vain. The citizens have been enduring this situation on a daily basis as they cannot travel, carry out business activities and apply for jobs and so on.

Therefore, the government must take some tangible and hassle-free measures to provide ID cards to the people and save them from undergoing a lot of inconvenience.
Via email

While the third wave of corona virus is spreading rapidly, and it is more dangerous as compared to the previous ones.

The government led by PM Imran Khan has taken some benevolent steps for our protection such as wearing of masks, keeping social distance and no hand shake, but we, the illiterate, have ignored them; specifically shopkeepers don’t pay any heed towards the SOPs.

I very humbly request all members of the Pakistani nation to please follow SOPs for their own protection; otherwise they will have to pay a very heavy price for ignoring the SOPs.

True friendship very rare

A true friend doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, how you look, if your house is a mess what car you drive or if you have a family of crazy people your conversation will pick up where they left off even if months have passed by the true-blue friend will be there for you when you need him the most and despite your faults will love you with all his heart and cherish the times spent with you at any time at any problems he never leave you.

But this seems the history and stories of past since we have become more practical. We prefer our interest over emotions and relations. There seems something wrong in our socialization. We are not taught to be good citizens, human beings and friends.

We, the new generation, are propelled in the race where making money and future worries are only things under focus. We are not taught to be humble with primary group.

Resultantly, we watch with the lenses of making monetary benefits. The real and true relations and friendship cannot be expected in such circumstances.

Gone were the days when people would invest everything for the sake of relations and friendship even.

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