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IoK & western media

There have been more than seven decades that the innocent citizens of the India-occupied Kashmir (IoK) have been bearing the brunt of Indian atrocities of more than eight hundred thousand soldiers of the Indian army over there. The only crime of the innocent citizens of the IoK has been that they have been demanding from the Indian Central government their right of self-determination, as per the UNSC Resolutions.
But the successive central governments at New Delhi have completely ignored the genuine demand of the people of India-occupied Kashmir, by further intensifying their brutalities against the innocent Muslim men, women and children living in the occupied territory. The worst situation in the whole scenario has been that during all these seven decades, the Western media have played a biased role by not reporting and showing the atrocities of the Indian soldiers against the innocent Kashmiris. It is perhaps because of the fact that the Western media have shown and reported only that which have suited to their vested interests.
Since it is the innocent Kashmiris who are suffering at the hands of Indian soldiers in IoK, therefore, the Western media is least interested in showing all this. The same media, however, would have certainly reported and shown all these atrocities of the Indian government and those of the Indian soldiers if the same would have been committed against the Christian or any other community other than the Muslims.
It is time the Western media adopted a neutral approach by showing the atrocities of the Indian government and its eight lacs troops in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. It is time the Western media reported and showed their masses the truth that the innocent Kashmiris are being oppressed since the last seven decades by the ruthless Indian troops. The Western media must follow the maxim “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.

Historic gateway

The 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak will be observed on the 12th of November. Pakistan has made history by opening the Kartaurpur Corridor for his followers. It was a herculean task to negotiate with Indian government keeping in view the escalated tension due to Kashmir deadlock. It shows the love and respect Pakistan owes to Sikh community.
Simultaneously! in contrast to Indian jingoistic and hate filled attitude Pakistan has acted soberly and fully complied to wishes of disciples of Baba Guru Nanak. It is hoped that some sanity will prevail in Indian people and they will also raise their voices against the heinous atrocities inflicted by Indian armed forces in Kashmir.

World of liars

If somebody asks from me that what is the biggest issue of our country then my reply would be “lying”. Lying habits have ingrained in our society so much that one who can lie well is supposed to be very smart person or a person who bluff well is considered an intelligent guy. It is hardly seen any place where liars are not found whether it is school, college, offices, houses, etc, especially businesses are run on the basis of lies.
Oppression is that we infuse our kids how to tell a lie for instance sometimes we communicate our kids to say that Papa is not at home to the person who knocks the door. Reaching office late due to any reason or without any reason we give wrong reason to boss for the delay. Nowadays everything has almost been adulterated but no businessman admits it and sell goods by telling a lie.
I am of the view that if we, as a nation, stop lying in all sorts of circumstances whatever happens then we might not have any issue left in our country as lying habits is mother of all issues. Through awareness campaign we might reduce lying habits of masses as a drop of water perpetually fall on any stone, it makes a hole in the stone then why not through brainstorming of masses lying habits could not be removed.

Unearthing critical abilities of our student

Curiosity about sundry things makes the human mind to expand hands down. This curiosity, unhappily, is not welcomed in our educational institutions. Teachers find themselves in dilemma answering the out-of-the-box questions especially by children. Papers, too, are happened to be of cramming nature in our very educational system from schools to alma maters. This alarming ongoing trend, for decades actually, is producing generations after generations with no mental sharpness and critical abilities to solve issues: societal, educational and in connection with practical life.
This must be considered the sole reason of our students to have no expertise in their respective subjects and their curriculum in our educational institutions. It, also, ultimately induces the students to go for short cuts when faced with any kind of setback in life. This trend must be discouraged at local and national levels. Every human being is created by the Almighty with its unique abilities ready to be unearthed. Educational system and, of course, the teaching method by mentors must be conceived in a way that critical analysis gets encouraged from the very first day at school.
Out-of-the-box techniques – visual learning, application of theories, learning by games – be applied by teachers to make the mind of their students expand itself with passing time. Questions be made in a way that every individual could answer them according to his mind with some logical justification no matter how the logic seems silly. This, of course, is not a walk in the park and it will take time but once get done, a new generation with new thinking would for sure emerge in our country to tackle the conventional and intricate problems of every kind: be it local, national or international
Waqas Khan

Hi-tech industries

High technology is generally applied on economic and industrial sector. Wherein the need of technological innovation is mostly emphasized. As it is the modern economy so, high technology industries play an important role in industrial revolution with the passage of time the people taste change people demand quality good with a unique product and these change alerts the industrialist to use high technology in their products.
High technology is the one that makes the product very sophisticated involving the scientific research and development it referred to as self-assured industry. High tech industries in Pakistan include tetra pack, Dawlance electronics refrigerator, LED, washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc. High tech provide a lot of benefits and give comfort to its customers, minimize the cost, reduce the inventory, quick delivery, customer attachment, best resource utilization. High technology involves production planning making sure that sufficient raw material hired hand and other necessary items are bought and ready to create finished product according to planned schedule.
The production planning starts from forecasting demand, arrange capital, assembling staff, procured raw material, purchase of machinery for operations and then managed all the things it also fixes the time schedule for each item issue necessary orders. Overall Pakistan high technology industries produce the qualitative product like Tetrapack providing the best quality of food, Dawlance all electronics product using high technology which made product highly differentiated from others. It provides long-term guarantee and reduces cost, generate unemployment so there is need to buy Pakistan’s high technology industry products instead of imported ones.
We should promote Pakistan’s high tech product so that it make the country’s economic condition better. There is also need in production planning of high tech industries in Pakistan that the proper system of supply chain should be applied for advance planning.
Kianat Shaheen