Justice and Jamiat


Nighat Leghari
IRONICAL enough that the first alphabets of the both confronted parties starts form J “Justice Party and Jamiat Party”. Begging my pardon from both the parties I have elaborated this first alphabets as such “justice, “party of giants” and jamiat, “party of jackals”. The truth is that religious scholars have given the obligations to give the guideline to mankind and its affairs, but Maulana Fazlur Rehman always diverted the people from the right path and led them merely to the religious rituals and worldly affairs instead. Imran Khan no doubt is not a religious scholar but his biography tells that even travelling on the roots of worldly affairs has conceived a lesson from the agonies of the mankind which took him to a spiritual boost and religion. Ere to enumerate the reasons that why Imran Khan entered into politics, a careful perusal of his biography reveals all the reasons behind it.
On one place in his book he reads, it was 1984 when my mother was suffering during the last few weeks of her life. I went to see a doctor in mayo hospital to seek his advice. I was sitting in a waiting room when an old man walked in with a desperate expression on his face that I immediately recognized as my own and had seen on the faces of my father and my sisters for past few months. Here was I with all my resources and influence, yet I and my family were in such a desperate state what must this poor man has been going through? It was then I resolved to build a Cancer Hospital for where everyone could walk in with having no worry about the cost of the treatment and with the rich not having to seek treatment abroad. All the same I was struck by the generosity and the fortitude of the Pakistani people significantly my poor countrymen. I was quite perplexed to see the poor people were donating such a high proportion of their income to my hospital project. This was the time when I developed love and respect for my countrymen that I must confess, I did not have before. I was relishing a very care free life but the force of love with my countrymen thrust me into politics. It was during this campaign that I started thinking more and more going into politics. The second push into politics was that I appalled that how ruling class has squandered Pakistan’s talent and resources.
All wealth of my people of Pakistan is being shifted to their personal excheckers. The third thing which mobilized me for joining politics when I noticed that after the passing away of my mother and my hospital project my faith on God grew together. The hospital tested my belief in God to the limit and all my belief in God kept strengthening it. In turn my growing faith helped me to be motivated to help my people and this help could come only of myself entering into politics. Consequently when hospital opened after a record period of three and half years, I rather than feel arrogant and brag about it I felt totally humble. I confess that I was leading a self-centered life and I was not a religious addict but when I grew up I developed a passion to study Islamic rules.
My faith on God opened on me that following the rules of Islam a society would tend naturally towards social justice, peace and equality. If our state based on Islamic rules and there are sincere political leaders and they genuinely wanted to eradicate poverty and injustice from our society people will mobilize behind it and Pakistan would not then have to grove in front of other countries. I came to the conclusion that to change the system was to enter into politics myself to open the facts file of the politicians who made the public naive to the extent. If Imran Khan is in the belief that he can bring a better change into the economic setup in the country with the implementation of Islamic rules, it should be minded that in Islam the Govt and the morality have been in tandem and associated on commitment. Islam does not have any politics and it is not a political religion, in this polemic this is decided that in our country we need such democratic system which should be based on consciousness and righteousness of the rulers. Religion based governments have direct effect on the relations of the people and the Govt. He is not a land holder not a business tycoon but he has succeeded in creating a pandemonium on the firmament of politics. He is of the belief that he with the indigenous force of people would be able to bring a change to the life of the poor people of Pakistan. His philanthropist weighty takes such as Cancer Hospital installation of educational institutions and heroic cricketing career made him sit on very high on the victory stand on the hearts of the people, this is granted. His teachings are working as SOS calls to activate the people for his mission.
But in the catalogue of criticism and framed charges he has become the most written and spoken person on the classified media. He is under attack from all the four corners of the country of being failed to choose between sincere and insincere affiliates. Now it is not a party of cleanman, it is a party of opportunists and dissidents of the rejected parties. But his follower are of the claim that Imran always gives amazing twists and turns as he used to practise in his cricketing career, he will not surrender any sort of pressure or threats. Now a player has turned a statesman and the mission Imran Khan has taken in is a testing mission, any abruptness in taking decisions can bring serious stakes to his mission. The joining of the members of other parties into Justice Party is being taken as the “Mariage Deconvenance” however.
—The writer is a senior journalist, currently based in Denmark.