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Government Commissions and coverups

Forming Commissions sans will to implement its recommendations has become a tragic hallmark of our nation. In the past these Commissions have been used to quell public anger and calm popular dissent. In July 1947, a Boundary Commission was appointed to decide demarcation of boundaries in Punjab and Bengal, which was designed to fail and Cyril Radcliff implemented a 1945 plan for division with ulterior motives to give allies access to oil fields through their politically engineered interventions by remnants of Raj.
The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission formed to probe into the causes and criminal follies that led to dismemberment of this country in 1971, after Yahya Junta failed to honor the results of general election and hand over power to elected representatives, was never made public.
The die was cast when military action was ordered instead of seeking a political settlement. Justice Hamood was a man of unquestionable integrity and professional competence. The report was revealed by Indian and BD media. While ZAB gets credit for giving this country the 1973 Constitution, he made cardinal mistakes of choosing Zia and not implementing recommendations for court martial of those guilty of criminal offences and professional misconduct. Instead, Zia Junta promoted those who should have been court martialed, with disastrous consequences, leaving behind a legacy of extremism, terrorism, ethnic/sectarian divide and institutionalized corruption.
The one-man Commission headed by retired Justice Azmat Saeed to probe into irregularities in the Broadsheet Agreement that was signed in June 2000 by Musharraf junta appointed former Chairman NAB is shrouded in controversies.
Azmat Saeed Saheb was also part of Saifur Rehman Ehtesab Bureau in 1997 and Deputy Prosecutor General NAB in 2000. Will this be another attempt to cover up the powerful few, who have been identified by an Arbitration judge in London and $65 Million it cost taxpayers?
Malik Tariq Ali

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is a sever problem for a person and his family. a drug abuser put his health in danger. Drugs are of different forms .they may b use in medicine which r not so harmful but other type or drugs are harmful for human health. these are tobacco ,nicotine, heroin, cocaine, cigarette or alcohol etc. They all affect human health badly and also become the cause of death. Smoking is the most dangerous form of drug abuse. It causes lung cancer because a large amount of tobacco is used in cigarette and many others chemical. It causes serious health problems.
When a person is addictive to drugs then it is very dangerous. Some cause cancer, mental retardation or even leads to death.
Government should take serious action on this and ban the use of drugs. The drug users should be punished strictly. The places from where people get drugs should be sealed.
Irfan Shareef
Dera Ghazi Khan

Issues related to electricity

I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the most common and throbbing issues of electricity from which people are going through. Although, there are so many issues in the Karachi city but electricity is the major issue which leads to the other basic issues and raising them day by day. People of Karachi have to face many problems because of sudden breakdowns.
Moreover, frequent load shedding of electricity is also the worst problem in most of the areas of city which adversely affect both of the social and economic life.
In the current scenario of online education system, many students are unable to attend online sessions properly due to power failure. Sometimes, there is also fluctuation in voltage which causes great loss to the electrical appliances and the poor people cannot afford to bear such damages in this increasing inflation period.
The electricity crisis in Pakistan has made unbearable for people to live in Pakistan. Several times during the day and night electricity plays hide and seek due to which they have to suffer from sleepless nights. Though it has been a couple of years that the country is suffering from this crisis, but till now no proper steps have been taken, neither any proper planning has come into existence by the government or the private sector. No one can imagine life without electricity in this modern era. This crisis may become more serious if there will be no proper understanding or correct implementation. Therefore, I request the authorities to take some serious steps towards the load shedding problems.
Ammar Ehsan

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