Schools, universities reopen across country

Staff Reporter

Educational institutions, primary, secondary schools and universities, reopened on Monday across the country after a gap of nearly three months.
Children were escorted by their parents to the schools which had been closed on account of the second wave of the coronavirus.

While expressing their views on the occasion, most of the students said they were delighted at the resumption of classes. They said already their studies had suffered, and now they hoped that they would be able to cover their course. At several educational institutions, particularly in big cities, the classes resumed in compliance with the Covid-19-related standard operating procedures (SOPs). Temperatures of the students were checked on arrival while sanitisers have also been arranged by the management of educational institutions.

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood wished the best of luck to students on Twitter Sunday night. “All the remaining educational institutions are opening tomorrow. I wish the very best to all students,” he said in his tweet. Mahmood also advised the universities not resuming classes despite the government’s permission to revisit their decision.

The federal minister for education was of the view that online classes, no matter how beneficial they were for the students, but could not be a replacement for on-campus classes.

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