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A dangerous variant and public

Despite knowing about the second wave of Coronavirus which has wrecked havoc not only in Pakistan but also in developed countries, people continue committing blunders by ignoring Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) defined by NCOC and Government of Pakistan. Recently, I visited a renowned market of Karachi “Zainab Market” and was taken aback by blatant violation of SOPs and found no salesman at any of the shops wearing a mask.
The same case was with the buyers who thronged the market without following the SOPs. Public seems to be in no mood to comply with SOPs. In addition to it, there is bad news for all of us that a new variant virus emerged in the UK which is 70% more transmissible as compared to Covid-19, has arrived in Pakistan. According to Health Department 12 samples were taken from the UK-returned travellers, of whom six were tested positive and three with variant, named B117.
Given the B117 the government and NCOC and other relevant departments, institutions must ensure the implementation of SOPs with love or by dint of huge fines because public appears to have thrown caution to wind as if it is somehow immune to the virus. This recklessness will help augment the number of infection cases to a great extent and raise death toll. It is my request to public and traders to take this deadly virus seriously especially arrival of new virus B117.
In Pakistan where vaccine is out of sight or might be several months away against the coronavirus, only precautionary measures can help dwindle the intensity of this killer virus. If the above mentioned measures and SOPs are not enforced strictly or followed, the situation will turn to be extremely dangerous.

Police terrorism

A man by the name of Faizan in Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh was beaten to death by the police on February 24, 2020. In the US, an African man, George Floyd died, gasping “I can’t breathe”, as a policeman pressed his knee on his neck on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis in the Midwest
The city erupted in violence and there were protests all over. The Chhindwara incident happened in broad daylight and was caught on camera by a bystander, apparently in secret. The government did nothing to take action against the police.
Mumbai, India
of speech

Freedom of speech upholds the right of a community or any individual to express their ideas and opinion without the fear of any censorship, legal sanctions or any retaliation.
It is acknowledged as a basic human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is also recognized within rights and is also recognized within the international human rights legal framework. It also entails the “freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in the form of art, in print, or through any other media of his choice”. But the above-mentioned Article (19) was later amended and was subjected to certain restrictions. Thus, respect of the rights, reputation and status of others and protection of public order and national security are among the prerequisites when exercising the right to free speech.
Such restrictions are important in order to ensure that this right does not take an extreme form, similar to what is currently happening in France. It is rather unfortunate that the country has used the most fundamental aspect of human right in order to target Muslims, Authorities in France should understand the context and limitation that come with exercising freedom since “your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins”.
The showing of the offensive sketches was not an act of freedom of speech, but a sinister attempt to violate and disrespect the religion of Islam. Peace can never be achieved if such acts are carried out and openly supported by those people who are responsible for keeping peace. Instead, it will only lead to marginalization of Muslims in France, and in turn the destabilization of peace in the world.

Gender discrimination

This refers to the letter “Women in Pakistan” ( 1 jan), the author honestly explains regarding the inequality done with female gender in Pakistan. Furthermore, the women are always treated inferior than men in every aspect of life.
In this male dominated society, the females have no freedom and right over their own lives and decisions rather they are under immense of violence in different forms like acid attack, domestic abuse, sexual, physical and street harassment, stove burning, honor killing, child marriage, forced marriage, child labour and much more. Dishearteningly, a number of females are deprived from a priority like education due to gender inequality.
The gap made between the both genders restrict the women to progress. People do raise voice for killings of animals, the females have more worth than animals but the women are burnt alive, treated similar to animals but not one criticizes for that. The government should ensure that women get full equality and rights in their personal and professional lives.
Odious act of Ubaro Police

The status of a woman has a unique importance in Islam. Undoubtedly, woman is a byword of Almighty Allah. It needs ages to describe the sacrifices, patience and loyalty of a woman. But nowadays the man of modern world has forgotten that he has also been begotten by a woman. An awful incident took place other day in Ubaro where some shameless humans {in police uniform} used force against peaceful protestors and sent them behind the bars.
This incident happened when a peaceful protest was being recorded by the kith and kin of those who have been missing since long. Instead of listening to their grievances, the mindless people brutalized the innocent citizens as India does in the occupied Kashmir. The higher police/concerned authorities are requested to take action against the culprits and make them an example so that they do not repeat the heinous act in future.

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