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Nuclear safety

According to a US study on worldwide nuclear materials security titled ‘National Threat Initiative Nuclear Security Index’ report for 2020 Pakistan is the most improved country after increasing its overall score by seven points. On the whole, Pakistan ranked 19 with 47 points, while India ranked one place below at 20th spot with 41 points. The majority of improvements were in the Security and Control Measures category, which increased by 25 points, because of the passage of new regulations.
It is important to mention that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are still the jewels of her crown. Pakistan has unearthed all the stones to make its nuclear safety and security apparatus stringent. Therefore, it must be understood that Pakistan nuclear weapons are in safe hands. Its security mechanism is so much extensive and deliberate that it can tackle all kinds of emergencies.

The rights for our woman

With more than 70 years of independence, Pakistani women and children are still fighting for their rights: Right for education, right for divorce, freedom of choice and right to make their decision by themselves. In this day and age, where Finland and New Zealand have elected a woman as their prime minister, why can we not give justice to the women in our country? And when a woman raises her voice for her rights, why is she silenced?
When marriage rights were given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself to the women, why are we still facing forced marriages in order to keep the family’s honour? Giving right to speak and respecting their decision can be started at home. If we respect the women that gave birth to us and the sisters that take care of us, only then we would be able to prosper as a country and respect the women around us. If women are able to voice their concerns, the taboo of talking about rape, harassment and abuse may wear off and people would be treated justly. Instead of banning designs on beards, maybe govt can make sure that the women feel safe in their own homes.

No ban on YouTube

There is a positive or a negative impact of everything in our daily life. But owing to negative impact, you could not remove that thing completely from your life. Recently it was witnessed that the online game PUBG had been banned throughout the country due to attempted suicides by the youth. Again the rumours are being heard to ban YouTube. Owing to the digital era, where the world is growing ahead in Science and Technology, here in Pakistan these kinds of sanction are being imposed on E-commerce.
I would say YouTube is a good teacher, from boiling water to rocket science, everything is mentioned in the form of short and effective tutorials. YouTube helps in learning of every aspect in our daily life. Government direly needs to impose law for those who are circulating improper rumours or news on YouTube. Amid complete ban on YouTube will definitely create difficulties and hurdles for learners and also for online profiteers.

Sexual harassment

Every day new cases of rape are reported and portrayed on social media. There is a widely-held perception that schools, colleges and universities are well-reputed institutions; but, even these institutions are not immune and remain vulnerable and unsafe for students. Many students are sexually exploited by teachers. But unfortunately, no strict action is taken to prevent these most odious offenses. Thus it raises many questions on performance of law enforcement agencies. Number of sexual assaulted victims increases day by day due to ineffective punishment methods. Mostly perpetrators are given less punishment that that they deserve. After committing heinous crimes and offenses; even sometimes, offenders are at large after being convicted. This shows how poor Criminal Justice System in Pakistan is. Law mostly shows its power over poor segment of society.
Recently, a retired but politically influential teacher raped a 10-year minor student during tuition time in Khairpur, Sindh. Rapist also recorded a video clip and released it on social media which went viral. Teaching is prophetic profession, but so-called teachers are exploiting it. These tragic events get mental and psychological pressures in parents. Thus Govt should severely punish these so-called teachers, so that this problem of harassment and sexual exploitation can be eradicated and confidence of parents be restored/ensured.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia also known as Ayasofia was constructed as cathedral church in Constantinople (Now Istanbul) in 6th century by Byzantine emperor Justanian I. In 1456 when Constantinople fell into Ottoman Empire it was turned into a mosque. It was the rule of wars at that time especially of Muslims that when they capture the enemy’s territory they use it for their own, and convert the places though example of the Makkah can be cited. Later on when the founder of secular Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk came into power he shut down the mosque and turned it into a museum in an attempt to make the country more secular.
Now it was the decision of Turkey’s highest court which converted it to the same position of mosque on the request of now country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Therefore, Turkey being sovereign state has right to enjoy complete sovereignty over it as it is the most important feature of an independent state under international law. Why should Desi liberals mourn reconversion into a mosque? Why President Erdogan is criticized? Does he need to ask for doing anything within his territory?
Kashmore, Sindh