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Misuse of social media

I am writing to express my concern about the misuse of social media that seems to be rampant in our society today. While social media has brought many positive changes and benefits to our lives, it has also become a breeding ground for negativity, hate and harmful behaviour.

As we all know, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have become an integral part of our daily life. They have revolutionized the way we communicate, connect and share information with each other. However, the rise of cyber bullying, hate speech and online harassment has become a major cause for concern.

It is disheartening to see how some people use social media to spread negativity and hate towards others. Some use it as a tool to bully, harass or intimidate others, while others use it to spread false information and propaganda. The consequences of such behaviour can be devastating leading to mental health issues, social isolation and even suicide.

It is high time that we take a collective responsibility to address this issue. Social media platforms must take proactive measures to curb the spread of hate speech, bullying and harmful content. Users must also be educated about the responsible use of social media and the consequences of their actions.

I urge all of us to be more mindful and responsible when using social media. Let us use it as a tool to spread positivity, kindness and love, rather than hate and negativity. Let us work together to create a safer, more inclusive and more respectful online community.


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Elders confused

Knowing ourselves and teaching our children to know what we ought to take from other cultures and what not, is of utmost importance.

This is something our elders were confused about and when they went abroad and were mesmerized by foreign civilizations’ technological development and well-organized and functioning societies, they tried to grab anything and everything that they thought of as beneficial.

They did so sincerely believing that there’s no harm in taking anything from other cultures, not knowing the criterion which needs to be applied first. In order to understand that, we need to get comfortable with two concepts.

Firstly, Hadarah (civilization), which means concepts about life emanating from a culture or civilization (ie connected to their viewpoint in life) and secondly Madaniyyah (material progress), which are physical objects) and they could be of two types, those objects which are a result of a specific hadarah or those which are general/universal (civilization-neutral) and are just a result of science and technology.

Examples of hadarah include their governance system called Democracy, the concept of Nation-states and LGBTQ+. Examples of madaniyyah resulting from a specific hadarah are statues, the Christian cross and clothes specific to their viewpoint in life. Whereas examples of civilization neutral madaniyyah include objects of technology (e.g. cars, phones, planes).

Now taking Hadarah from anywhere other than the Islamic civilization is obviously prohibited, as we have our very own specific worldview. Taking madaniyyah which is civilization neutral is okay. However, taking madaniyyah which is a product of their hadarah is also not allowed, even though these are physical objects.

Not being able to differentiate between hadarah and madaniyyah has led to the current state the Ummah is in because we have acquired concepts contrary to our viewpoint in life in matters of politics, economics, society and ruling. Be it giving sovereignty to people, allowing interest, free mixing of genders or ruling by other than what Allah has revealed, all are examples of mindless borrowing of hadarah and madaniyyah derived from hadarah. We shouldn’t forget that for over a 1000 years, Muslims were leading in madaniyyah and that was an age of scholarship and inventions which forms the basis of modern-day science and technology.



Political issues

I am writing to express my concern about the current political developments in our country. It is quite evident that the political situation in Pakistan has been quite unstable in recent years, with frequent clashes between the government and opposition parties.

The country is facing numerous issues such as inflation, economic instability and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the political situation seems to be exacerbating these problems. The government and opposition parties are busy in verbal battles, pointing fingers at each other instead of working together to address the issues facing the country.

In a democratic system, it is imperative for the government and opposition parties to work together to find solutions to the country’s problems. It is high time for our politicians to put aside their differences and work together for the betterment of the country.

Moreover, the frequent clashes between the government and opposition parties are not only damaging the democratic system but also the country’s economy. The investors are hesitant to invest in a politically unstable country which ultimately affects the country’s economic growth.

I urge the political leaders to put aside their political interests and focus on addressing the country’s issues. They need to work together to find solutions to the problems, rather than engaging in verbal battles and finger-pointing.




Tussle among trichotomy

Pakistan has been going through its toughest economic crisis. It has not over yet then the scuffle emerged among trichotomy. Now the fight is not limited to the government and opposition only but reached the doors of the Supreme Court, Parliament and the Executive i.e. trichotomy. This is very surprising that the fight has been intensified among these main pillars of the state. This tussle can wreak havoc in the country if not addressed through table talks at the earliest. A tug of war and a win-win situation can affect people badly who are living under the poverty line. Inflation is all time high and people are losing purchasing power parity.

This serious issue can shatter a dream of the united Pakistan. Negotiations have become exigent in order to avoid anarchy and chaos in the country which it cannot afford at any cost. It looks like we haven’t learned any lessons from history. Moreover, public service in a true spirit should be the main cause rather than this squabbling and division among the state pillars.

People are losing faith and confidence gradually over the current situation of Pakistan, which can push the country into the darkest corridors. However, all responsible quarters should take their responsibility as per the Constitution in order to avoid any uncertainty which can lead the state to enormous and colossal loss.



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Mpox outbreak

Mpox or so-called Monkey Pox, a viral skin infection, first identified in London on May 06, 2022, is reminiscent of the global pandemic Covid-19 that had compelled the whole world to impose lockdowns for months. Similarly, Mpox is raising its cobra head in different corners of Europe and America, making several countries feel the pinch. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the very first cases have been confirmed in two persons who arrived from KSA. The purported viral infection can be identified by some initial symptoms including fever, aches, rashes, and bumps on the skin. Moreover, the infection can be confirmed through a PCR test that usually confirms the antibodies of viral infections. Likewise, other infectious diseases, Mpox can be transmitted through direct physical contact with infected people and animals. In the midst of such economic turmoil and political uncertainty, an outbreak gestures several consequences for the coalition government. With the formation of an effective health policy, we can minimize or even eliminate the severity of the disease.