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National age of superannuation

Countries all over the world evaluate and fix their national age of retirement based on average of mortality, provision of unadulterated qualify food, peaceful environment, provision of 24/7 quality medical surveillance facilities, pollution free environment etc.
In Pakistan the age of superannuation/retirement has been fixed at 60 years. It is only where individuals involved, are required to use his/her mental facilities and possesses highest qualification in science, technology etc. can age of retirement be extended, and that also after extensive relevant checks are carried out. However, where nature of job requires physical fitness, including discharging or monitoring of those working in extreme weather and rough terrain, the retirement age should never be above national age of retirement and preferably below it.
Relaxations in age should only be given for individuals like Dr Qadeer. No individual is indispensable, especially when institutions exist where training and professional excellence exist according to international standards.

Middle East

For decades Uncle Sam has remained the root cause or political turmoil in the Middle East and South Asia. Iran is fuming over killing of Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The temperature in the region is constantly rising and impacting the international market. Oil prices have gone up and international stock markets are dipping in. Shadows of war are lengthening, indicating something horrible may happen.
Iran’s attacks on US bases in Iraq to revenge the killing of her General is a glaring example. Unfortunately, the US has no remorse for what it has done to disrupt the peace in Iran and Iraq. 3500 more US troops in Kuwait will surely increase tension in the area. Pakistan and India are already at daggers drawn. Gulf has become a tinder box and any misadventure in the area my turn the area into a fire-ball.
The unscrupulous behaviour of Trump Administration has made things worse. The unilateral policeman of world is severally damaging peace of world without any abashment. Sadly, internal division of Muslim states has already weakened them to take unanimous stand. In such conditions, the United Nations just become a mouth organ of powerful superpower. Muslim countries must show allegiance to Iran in these testing times and must show solidarity with the oppressed. Pakistan has warned that its land will not be used for any aggression; A befitting statement in the wake of rising tension.

Traffic wardens’ negligence

The traffic wardens posted at various traffic signals all over India do not perform their duty properly. While crossing roads in Mumbai, I have seen several people getting hit by vehicles and the traffic cops do nothing to help them out. A few days back while crossing the road at Sion to reach my residence at Dharavi, I was hit by a speeding car which did not stop even when the traffic lights turned red.
My daughter was also hit by a speeding motorcycle a few years back at the same signal and lay unconscious on the road for a very long time. The traffic havaldar who was present there did not even help her. She was spotted by her college friends and was taken to the hospital for treatment.
Mumbai, India

CSS exam

Central Superior Services (CSS) is the most prestigious and competitive examination of Pakistan. Every year thousands of candidates take the examination and only a few hundred become lucky to qualify and join any of the twelve prestigious groups and services. CSS consist of twelve papers including six compulsory and six optional. Every year, examination is held in the month of February under Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) with special arrangements countrywide.
The upcoming CSS examination is starting from February 12, 2020. However, recently announced date sheet for this examination has disappointed the candidates. Because FPSC has again set the standard of conducting two papers each day and no holiday by concluding the examination in just seven days. This policy of the FPSC has created anxiety among the aspirants.
The designed pattern of the examination by FPSC for CSS is not favourable to the candidates, especially from backward areas of the country owing to a number of reasons, including low standards of education and social issues. The announced date sheet for CSS 2020 will severely affect the performance of the candidates because this examination already put candidates under pressure. And the designed timetable will further disappoint and disturb the candidates as it is not easy to appear in two papers each day by continuously writing for six long hours.
Therefore, I request the Federal Public Service Commission authorities to revise the announced date sheet and continue the policy of 2018 and 2019 examinations which allowed the candidates to appear in a single compulsory paper in a day. And also include at least one holiday between compulsory and optional papers. This will help serious candidates to improve their performance by taking necessary rest and doing necessary homework to appear in the prestigious examination.

Modi’s secular mantra?

Terrorist ‘Modi’ was CM of Gujarat when more than 2,000 Muslims were killed and 1, 50,000 driven out of their homes! Demography of the state was transformed into Muslims crowded ghettos. Thus; satanic mind of Modi became instrumental in creating hatred against Muslims, in the so-called secular India!!
Gandhi and Nehru were dancing during partition for – secular state. But after settlement; it proved (totally) fraud up-till-now (!). Since terrorist-Modi took office of PM is actively working to rewrite history like – fascist regime of Hitler and Mussolini – by demolishing Babri Mosque and might do so with Taj Mahal also (***). On these grounds, Amnesty International was compelled to declare him: Global-Terrorist. Even then; International guardians – UN; UNSC; UNHRC; UNICJ (…) are sitting idle. It seems; this is going-on with prior approval (?) Because: either CAB/Article-370/35A/Gujarat massacre (***) was/is actually for destruction of Muslims; whereas; UN is a non-Muslim forum. Most serious is: leadership of Ummah is dead/deaf/divided/blind – except a few. So, they did not permit to gather in Jakarta recently – divide and rule!!
Terrorist-Modi; last year stripped autonomy of Kashmir; and dropped (CAB) Citizenship Amendment Bill on two-million-Muslim of Assam. CAB offered citizenship to religious minorities except Muslims from neighbouring countries (!). In spite of strict ban on print and electronic media, reports are for killing of more than 27 people!
Honest, think-tanks were/are compelled to say – CAB mean acceptance of two-nation theory. Because; if, Bengali nationalism was valid, as pursued by “Indra Ghandi; Mujeeb & Co.” then, why Modi abolished nationality of Muslims of Assam and, progeny of Mujeeb is sleeping/dead now? If it continues, Hindutva will offer migration from Iran and onward after controlling over Chabahar along with strong partnership with “Israel & Co.”. So, terrorist-Modi is implementing CAB/CAA for kicking off Gandhi & Nehru’s secularism into the Bay of the Indian Ocean!!
Tatrinote, AK