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Youth in pursuit of change and justice

According to World Justice Project’s Rule of Law index 2021, Pakistan was only ahead of nine other countries in adhering to Rule of Law and ensuring Justice to its citizens. Lawyers and philanthropists have toiled to provide legal aid and representation to the aggrieved ones who otherwise can’t afford swift justice due to procedural and financial impediments. Many heroes and examples have emerged from that struggle, one such epitome is Project Insaf – a Project by Youth.

Pakistan ranks 5th amongst the countries with highest youth population. Youth, hence, has immense responsibility in ameliorating the deplorable condition of justice system in the country. Keeping this in view, Mr Hammad and his team – all of them university students – groundbroke Justice Project to aggrandize access to justice.

Mr Hammad and his team had the vision to unite youth for betterment of society. This commenced with making change through social work and philanthropy, “ Revival of Change” was product of the idea. Through this initiative, the team seeks to spread legal and health awareness. Relief work is another of its top priorities. In terms of relief work, the team conducted ration drives during Ramadan, Covid catastrophe and recent floods. For health awareness, the team organized Breast Cancer awareness sessions in multiple institutions and organizations. Additionally, they arranged beach clean-up and plantation drives. However, the legal aspect of the project has remained their top priority.

Porn addiction

Pornography is curtained secret in Pakistani society. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is the largest porn consumer in the entire world according to the Google research engine. Owing to rapid technological advancement it has become so easy even for a teenager to access the obscene and vulgar content from a website in just few minutes. Porn addiction works as an instant gratification provider for an individual who is addicted to porn viewing.

Several studies suggest that excessive consumption of porn can enormously impact an individual’s mental health and significantly affects the neural functioning, sexual development, intimate relationships, self-esteem and lifestyle of that particular individual which ultimately harms an individual’s physical health too. A USA-based website “Fight the Drug” published an article that was written that the brain of a porn addict reacts to porn viewing in the same way as the brain of a drug addict reacts to the drug consumption.

Due to Covid pandemic, after the implementation of lock down, the increased dependence of internet, the exposure of people to the pornography is immensely magnified. Almost everything that reaches instant gratification, the reward system in our brain excretes Dopamine neurotransmitter due to which we start feeling relaxed and happy. But, because of enhanced exposure to pornography an addicted person start suffering from depression, decreased motivation, impaired decision-making skills and desensitization of sexual reward.

It’s a very rum and deplorable thing that why porn consumption is spreading at neck breaking pace in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Mostly porn addiction goes unnoticed in Pakistan because sex- related topics are considered taboo in Pakistan. Major think tanks believe that by introducing sex education in Pakistani schools this problem can be tackled. We also need to educate our children on what is Halal and what is Haram in Islam. May the Almighty guide us towards the right path and do mercy on this nation. Ameen!

Fight against climate change

Now that the COP27 has come to an end at last after prolonged parleys, it is time to have some quick insights into the subject of climate change – like why this issue has been getting worse by the day down the line. As a matter of fact, humans [as humanity] have been living on this beautiful planet straight from the period of the Homosapiens. Added to this, they have been living off natural resources like water, food crops, trees and much more available on Mother Earth down the years right up till date.

Bereft of technological advances, people in ancient times had been maintaining spectacular coexistence with Mother Earth and Mother Nature through their various green activities including eco-friendly agricultural activities. Even in the second half of the previous 20th century, there had been great balance between humans and nature. Starting from the noughties [like 2000], climate change issues have been getting worse thanks to a growing population, technological advances, urbanization and rigorous use of automobiles.

That said, there was much talk of funds required to help out countries vulnerable to the bad effects of climate change at the recent Egypt Climate Change Summit. Way forward indeed! At the same time, it is not about the blame game either. Considering the magnitude of climate change impacts, the whole efforts to fight climate crisis should be fifty-fifty, meaning that countries from all across the world should join the bandwagon coherently, jointly and globally.

To top it all, there have been so many beautiful and resource-rich countries sprawling across the globe – like Brazil, Canada, Australia, the UK, the US, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina apart from naturally beautiful and robust Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India. Well, this is to say that those abundant natural resources lying across these beautiful countries from green forests to mountains to rivers to seas to farmlands should be protected and nurtured at all costs – the best step towards counterbalancing the climate change issue.
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